Gaynor, Ross set sights on next four years in Brundidge

Published 5:15 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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When the votes were counted in the Brundidge Municipal election on August 25, only councilmembers Margaret Ross, District 3, and Byron Gaynor, District 4, retained their seats.

Incumbent Council Member Betty Baxter, District 1, is in an October 6 runoff with newcomer Doug Hollard. Incumbent Alexandria Griffin will face Latisher Hall for the District 2 seat.

Newcomer Marilyn Rodgers defeated incumbent Chris Foster and James Jones for the District 5 seat.

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Margaret Ross was challenged for the District 3 Council seat by newcomers to city politics, Henry Everett and Angie Kelly. Ross was elected to a third term as council member by a vote of 73 to Everett’s 54 votes and Kelly’s 16.

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve District 3 for another four years and will work hard to live up to the expectations of those in our district,” Ross said. “I always like to complete what I start and the Mims Creek project that was started during my first term. Sediment has filled the creek bed and rain runoff floods the adjacent properties. It is very important to me, and to the residents of the Johnson Street area, to see it through. This has been going on far too long.”

Ross said there are other city projects that are underway that are important to the city and its citizens including housing rehabilitation and demolition.

“The city’s incubator business will open soon and it will provide a convenient and affordable location in our downtown area for those who want to start a new business,” she said. “As their businesses grow, hopefully, they will take advantage of the available downtown locations.

“We have several downtown buildings with new occupants and we welcome them and will work with them to make their businesses successful. The renovations underway in the downtown area are exciting. Our city government is looking for ways to improve the downtown area, for our residents, and to make it more attractive to business.

Ross said the city will decide on  a purpose for the former Brundidge city hall building that will be beneficial to the city.

“We are always searching for way to provide more opportunities for our young people and our senior adults,” she said. “We especially need to involve more of our citizens in the Brundidge Nutrition Program. Not only do the participates get a healthy lunch meal, they also enjoy the activities and fellowship the center offers.

Ross said being receptive to the needs and desires of District 3 and the city  is her priority.

“I’m always available to listen and to respond,” she said.

Byron Gaynor was challenged for District 4 Council Seat in the 2020 Brundidge Municipal Election on August 25 by newcomer to politics, Paula Hall.

Gaynor expressed appreciation to the voters of District 2 for electing him to a second term of office and the opportunity to service his district and the City of Brundidge for four more years.

“As we continue to keep the City of Brundidge making strides in community growth, FY2020 has been a great year,” Gaynor said. “District 4 received sidewalks, though the TAPS Sidewalk Project. Our citizens along Windmill Drive, Galloway Road, Henderson Street and Veterans Boulevard have been happy with the outcome.”

Gaynor said Brundidge was awarded grants to fund the much-need projects to be completed around the city.

He cited the CDBG Water Improvements and Clearance and Demolition Project as among those that will benefit all the city’s citizens.

“The City of Brundidge will make critical water infrastructure improvements and demolish 12 residential and commercial structures,” Gaynor said. “The project will consist of replacing existing small diameter water mains on Ramage Circle and James and Lee Streets with larger six-inch mains.  Fire hydrants will also be installed.” 

Gaynor said the 2020 Census Grant will to serve as a vehicle to support the accurate count of residency through media campaigns and community outreach to increase responses.

“We encourage all our citizens to complete the census forms before the September 30, 2020 deadline as it is vital for our community to be counted in the Legislature,” Gaynor said.

“We’ve come a long way and I strive to do my very best to ensure the growth of this great city.  My plan is to ensure the safety and well-being of our citizens so they are able to enjoy the qualities this city has to offer.”

Gaynor said the mayor and council will continue to seek more employment opportunities in Brundidge by bringing in retail shops and other small businesses.

“And, hopefully a large industry will see or community flourishing which may entice them to settle here,” Gaynor said.” I’m ready for the next four years.  With God on my side to lead me, I plan to do the very best to make sure our city grows.”