‘Because their safety is what is most important’

Published 5:28 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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For the residents of Noble Manor, it’s life as usual in these unusual times.

Jimmy and Dale Law, owners of the Noble Manor Assisted Living facility in Troy, have been diligent in the care of their residents since the beginning of COVID-19 and they are continuing to do what they feel is necessary to keep their residents safe.

Dale Law said hopes were to be on the other side of the pandemic by now but now is not the time to give up and let up.

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“We are continuing to do what we have been doing since back in March,” Law said. “We are committed to keeping our residents safe. They understand and their families understand that we have to have restrictions because their safety is what is most important.”

Wearing mask, washing hands and social distancing are still rules number one.

However, the rules have been relaxed just a little and that is encouraging for and appreciated by the residents.

“Our residents now leave their rooms for one meal a day,” Law said. “We practice social distancing so we only have one person per table. Being in the dining room gives our residents time to visit with each other and they really enjoy that time together.”

The residents continue to enjoy their hall walks but going outside is limited to the end of the day because roofing and parking lot projects are underway.

Window visits are still enjoyed and highly anticipated by residents and their families.

“Two weeks ago, we had porch visits for our residents with one family member and with social distancing,” Law said. “Once the outside work is completed, we are going to set up weekly porch visits but without hugging and sitting close. At this point, that’s the best we can do.”

Not being able to spend time together is what is hardest for the residents and their family members.

“But our residents and their families are understanding and accepting of what we are experiencing,” Law said. “We keep in close contact with the families and keep them up-to-date on what is going on through emails. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and content as we continue to contend with COVID-19.

And for Beth Butler, that is enough.

Her mom, Nancy Glaize, has been a resident of Noble Manor since June 2017. During her first year as a resident, a physical condition that caused her to fall made around-the-clock sitters necessary.

And, that turned out to be a blessing during the coronavirus, Butler said.

“Mom is never alone,” she said. “She always has someone to there to take care of her and that is so comforting for me.”

Butler said her frustration is that her mom has dementia and doesn’t understand the coronavirus situation.

“I haven’t been able to hug Mom since March,” she said. “My husband and I enjoy the window visits but she will put down the phone and we can’t talk to her. We just have to stand there and look at her.”

Butler is greatly appreciative of the efforts to bring fun into the lives of the residents.

“The parade with the fire truck and party with balloons and ice cream sandwiches was very special,” she said. “It lifted all of our spirits.”

And the porch party in July was an opportunity for an in-person, but no touch, visit.

“We wore masks and were six feet apart but it was still so good to see Mom, face to face.”

Butler laughed at the thought of her mom not knowing she was the face behind the mask.

“When I told her, she said, ‘Well, who would know?’” Butler said. “I’m looking forward to the day when I can sit with Mom and hug her. For now, she has cards and little packages to enjoy. The restrictions have been hard but there have been no cases of the virus at Noble Manor and that’s a blessing and worth it all.”