Master Gardeners keeping busy in challenging times

Published 6:40 pm Friday, June 19, 2020

The past few months have been very trying for our country.  Something we never expected to happen came upon us and changed our world.  Even our Master Gardeners meetings were cancelled, and our plans for the year were postponed.  So what do Master Gardeners do when they are quarantined because of a virus?  Since we are gardeners, and it is Spring, we begin doing what we do best—GARDEN.          

Judy Griswold says her daylilies, irises, and phlox look great.  And she believes that the rain has helped.  She also has an herb garden.  Her gardening keeps her outside, which benefits the garden and the gardener.  She is also rooting plants for the Master Gardener Sale, that we hope to have in the Fall.  In addition to caring for her garden, Judy teaches young gardeners, by means of social distancing.

Nancy Powell has no weeds or grass in her garden, but admits that her husband takes care of this chore.  She says she has not been bored, since she is busy canning vegetables and making zucchini bread.  Nancy enjoys her gardening, but can’t wait for the Master Gardeners to meet again.

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Leigh Caulk has been potting her tomatoes in five gallon buckets that she started from seed.  She purchased a new pressure cooker, and will be taking an online course to learn about pressure canning and water bath canning.  Since more people are growing their own gardens today, the knowledge about food storage is very necessary; and Leigh encourages more people to garden and learn how to store their vegetables the right way.

In her back yard Kay Jinright has garden tubs filled with squash, tomatoes, peppers and okra. 

She also has been canning and freezing some of her vegetables that she began from seed. 

Her tub garden and her flower beds keep her very active during the summer months.  Kaye is  making her garden a part of the landscape, and why not; vegetables are pretty plants that bear flowers as well as produce. 

We are sorry to say that Jennie Gilmore could not garden as she wanted to this past Spring because of a fire.  It damaged her house and destroyed her greenhouse.  We are happy to say that everything is coming along, and she has moved back into her house, and will have a new greenhouse soon.  Happy gardening to Jennie.

Although the Pike County Master Gardeners have been busy in their own yards, they are ready for the virus to be over so they can begin their meetings again and get back to work.

Article by Elaine Knight, Pike County Master Gardener

Affiliated with the Pike County Extension Service