‘God provided with more than we imagined’

Published 6:06 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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God works in wondrous ways.

Alvie Walker, pastor of Burning Bush Cowboy Church, looked out over the 42-acre tract that is nestled in rural Pike County and proclaimed, “God is still alive. We could not have done this without God wanting it.”

The Burning Bush Cowboy Church was organized in 2014 with services being held in a temporary facility on the grounds of Cattlemen Park. But, from the beginning, the desire and the belief was that, one day, Burning Bush Cowboy Church would have a permanent place of worship.

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“God provide us with even more than we could have ever imagined,” Walker said. “We had looked at several locations but none of them seemed right. Not until now.”

If Walker and the church membership had made a wish list for the Burning Bush Cowboy Church, it would not have been as complete as God’s plan for the church.

The rural location is ideal for a Cowboy Church and it is in an area that is well populated. But, it is much more.

The property has a barn that is being renovated as the Burning Bush Cowboy Church and that is first and foremost among the plans.

“The barn is large enough for the worship service and also to include a kitchen and fellowship hall,” Walker said. “Out back, we have a covered area for our Burning Bush Chuck Wagon and a covered barbecue pit. The area will be a great place of outdoor gatherings and events.”

Just down the hillside is a mobile home with large deck facing the lake and a smaller deck on the back.

“Right now, we are having our church services on the front deck that overlooks the lake,” Walker said. “Everyone is enjoying the natural setting. There is something special about worshiping outdoors.”

The 42-acre tract has a gravel trail around it that is perfect for horseback riding.

“Several of us brought horses out the other day and had a great time riding,” Walker said. “The property is wooded with shaded trials that are perfect for summer riding. And, there’s a covered bridge along the trail.”

Within the woodlands, there is an open area that will, one day, be the site of the Burning Bush Cowboy Church arena.

But, Walker said, first things first. The renovation of the barn is first on the list. However, things are falling into place that indicate the plans for the property to be expanded as a retreat for people of all ages are not in the too distant future.

“We would like for ladies to come here for Bible study and kids to come for youth camps and all ages for retreats,” Walker said.

“There is   electricity across the lake so it will be ideal for camping. Also in our future plans is to renovate one of the out buildings as a bunkhouse. In the mobile home, there are a couple of bedrooms and a commons area that will be useful. There many possibilities for people to come together in this beautiful, natural setting for fellowship and worship.

“We wanted a permanent place for the Burning Bush Cowboy Church but it would not have been possible without God wanting it.”