UDC members gather for luncheon

Published 8:55 pm Friday, April 17, 2020

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On February 8, 2020, the Jefferson Davis District held its 2020 district meeting at the historic Brundidge Station in Brundidge, Alabama. The meeting was graciously hosted by The Stephen D. Lee Chapter # 1201.  The tables were elegantly decorated with white tablecloths and adorned with red satin table runners.  Red and white roses with sprigs of holly beautifully surrounded The First National Flag of the Confederate States of America upon each table.

Lunch consisted of roast pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, pear salad, yeast rolls and a variety of desserts including pecan pie, coconut cake, and an elegant Robert E. Lee cake.  Lunch was compli-mented by a warm and gracious welcome from Brundidge former mayor of 40 years and Vice President of First Na-tional Bank, Mr. Jimmy Ramage.  Mr. Ramage spoke of the historical ties that have held Brundidge together since the formation of the city.  He also spoke on the many historical aspects of Brundidge and also of his Confederate ancestors.  Reverend Ed Shirley of Brundidge United Methodist Church gave a very unique and memorable rendi-tion of the traveling circuit rider.  Reverend Shirley dressed as a traveling circuit rider began his program with the history of the circuit rider beginning in the 1700s and continuing thru the 1800s including how they were tied to the Revolutionary War and to the War Between the States. At the close of his presentation, Reverend Shirley enter-tained questions from the audience.  Mrs. Marsha Boutwell then presented him with a confederate tie tac as a thank you for his presentation.

The business aspect of the meeting was led by the presiding District Director, Mrs. Susan Schofield.  All presiding District officers agreed to serve for another term.  The salute to the Christian Flag and “How Firm a Foundation” was led by Mrs. Lynn Sutton.  The Pledge Allegiance of the United States Flag and “The Star-Spangled Banner” was led by Ms. Becky Bradley.  The salute to the Alabama Flag and “Alabama” was led by Ms. Sandra Scott.  The salute to the Confederate Flag and “Dixie Land” was led by Mrs. Shelia Hardy.   Ms. Sandra Scott gave our credentials report which stated that we had a total of 5 guests in attendance and a total of 21 mem-bers present.  We had 3 Division Officers and 3 Chairman of Committees in attendance.  The chapters with repre-sentation were:  Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter #94, Little Sorrell Chapter #2638, Jefferson Manly Faulkner Chapter #2262, and The Stephen D. Lee Chapter #1201.  Ladies present from the Stephen D. Lee Chapter # 1201 were:  Mrs. Marsha D. Boutwell of Troy, Alabama, Mrs. Shelia Hardy of Elba, Alabama, Mrs. Ann Parker of Luverne, Alabama, Ms. Sandra Scott of Troy, Alabama, Ms. Becky Bradley of Grady, Alabama and Mrs. Lynn Sutton of Brundidge, Alabama. 

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A warm and memorable Memorial Service honoring members, Jerry Morgan Edwards and Eugenia “Jean” McKinney Jenkins was led by Mrs. Loretta Martin.  Mrs. Loretta Martin also extended the invitation for Cradle of the Confederacy Chapter # 94 in Montgomery to host the 2021 Annual District Meeting. 

Upon completion of all business, Mrs. Susan Scofield called for adjournment and the members joined hands to sing “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”.  A blessed day of fellowship was enjoyed by all.