Jumbo Rolls: Goshen company has plenty of TP ‘rolls’

Published 7:06 pm Monday, March 30, 2020

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Blockwire Manufacturing in Goshen now has jumbo rolls of toilet paper available.

Not really, but why not introduce a little fun into today’s world?

The huge sculpture of foam rolls of toilet paper on the lawn of Blockwire Manufacturing is owner Jeff Ryan’s way of lightning the moment for a moment.

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The idea for the outdoor sculpture was spurred by a visit to a local Sam’s Club coupled with the recent run on toilet paper in response to the coronavirus.

“Sam’s has a whole aisle dedicated to toilet paper, paper towels and napkins, but on that day, the aisle was completely empty except for two boxes of dinner napkins,” Ryan said and added with a chuckle. “And, with the closing of non-essential businesses, I thought of a way to make Blockwire essential – with huge rolls to toilet paper.”

In a short amount of time and with large amount of creativity, Ryan had rolled out a lawn display of huge rolls of the rare commodity announcing “Jumbo Rolls Available.”

“We were just doing our part,” Ryan said. “It’s all in fun.”

Ryan said a little levity and humor can lighten the heaviness that now hangs over the world … and Blockwire is on a roll.

And, it’s odd that toilet paper is the one item that has brought into focus what churches have been “telling us all along.”

“For years, churches have encouraged us to have reserves of food and necessary supplies on hand in the event a situation arises where you can’t go to the store for a couple of weeks,” Ryan said.

“Call it hoarding, being prepared, being smart but it’s a good exercise and one that we will not soon forget.”

Ryan said he sympathizes with those who have been forced to close their businesses and send their employees home, making it even more difficult to be self-reliant.

“I really hope we beat the COVID-19 soon and we all have the opportunity to stock up on the things our families will need for the next challenge we face,” he said. “I know what will be first on my list.”