Finding a way to help is what we do here

Published 7:23 pm Thursday, March 26, 2020

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One of the most laudable things about Pike County is our generosity and our willingness to help out. We’ve seen it countless times, in crises large and small.

And each time, we’re blown away by the response of our friends and neighbors.

Earlier this week, District 4 Councilwoman Stephanie Baker talked about needs and help during the work session of the Troy City Council.

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She talked about the calls she is receiving – from residents, friends and others who want to help and want to know how they can help, from providing meals to offering to shop for the elderly or shut-ins.

“We have people who want to help” she said. “And we need to let people know that if they need help, to reach out – call us at 311 or reach out to any of us on the council – and we will help get in you touch with the resources you need.”

But elected officials and city leaders aren’t the only ones offering to help. Throughout the community, groups are rallying to spread cheer – a neighborhood bear hunt or a parade for students at a closed school – and provide aid.

Crossfit 1776 is doing that as well, collecting items for elderly and needy individuals throughout the community. Throughout the week, Lori Jacobs has been collecting toilet paper, wipes and meat for elderly and shut-ins. The group began collecting things among members, then reached out through social media to the greater community.

“We kept seeing people who were asking if anyone had a spare roll of toilet paper or wipes because they had elderly parents. We started asking for their names and address and told them we would be collecting this week,” Jacobs said.

They’re still accepting donations today and will begin delivering the meat and supplies to homes on Saturday.

Anybody that is willing to donate can still drop off on Friday afternoon from 4 to 7 and anyone in need can call (229) 854-2936 to get on the list.

We know that this is just one example of the many, many ways our community members are helping each other. And we’re glad to share that information with our readers, whenever you have needs or projects that benefit the community.

Just remember – reach out and let us know.

As Councilwoman Baker said, we have people who want to help.