Tubberville speaks to PCRW on Senate race

Published 9:14 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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Tommy Tubberville, candidate to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate, spoke to the Pike County Republican Women on Wednesday about his campaign.

Tubberville is one of seven candidates that will be on the Republican Primary ballot for the seat on Tuesday, March 3.

Joining him on the ballot are Jeff Sessions, Roy Moore, Bradley Byrne, Arnold Mooney, Stanley Adair and Ruth Page Nelson.

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Tubberville told the PCRW members that he is not a politician and that he is running because “this country is in real, real trouble.”

“Just watch clowns like on the TV last night (during the Democratic debates) that do not have a clue about this country and how it was built and made,” Tuberville said. “They want to change it to socialism and we’ve got to stop it. I don’t know whether we can stop it; we’ve closed our eyes too long and that tidal wave is coming full speed.”

President Donald Trump is the “only thing standing between socialism and this country,” Tubberville said.

“One thing about Democrats is that they don’t quit,” Tubberville said. “They don’t take no for an answer and pop back up. But most of the Republicans in Washington D.C. crawl under the table and you can’t find them when things get tough. I’ma  politician’s worst nightmare. I don’t have to do this; you know how much coaches make. I don’t need the money.”

In step, Tubberville informed the group that he would not be taking a salary if elected, instead taking each check and giving it to an Alabama veteran, widow or wounded warrior.

Tubberville said voters need to elect a Republican and remove Democrat Doug Jones from the office, stating that Jones has had millions of dollars donated from California.

Education was a key issue during Tubberville’s address, calling to end the Department of Education and return that power on a state level.

“If we don’t address education real quick, our nation as we know it is over with,” Tubberville said. “We need to let every state have its own Department of Education,” Tubberville said. “Agriculture is 60 percent of Alabama’s output. We need workforce development to train our kids what they need to be taught in. Most kids have no clue about the Constitution.”

In addition to Tubberville, Republican candidates for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District also addressed the group once again, sharing briefly about their platforms as Super Tuesday approaches.

The candidates in the race are Jeff Coleman, Barry Moore, Troy King, Jessica Taylor, Terri Hasdorff, Bob Rogers and Thomas Brown.