HOMETOWN TAKEOVER: Troy, Brundidge apply for HGTV makeover

Published 8:14 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” may not be the lottery but it’s the next best thing. 

And, perhaps, “the best thing,” because the lottery benefits a few while the Home Town Takeover will benefit an entire community, said Brian McDaniels, owner of Jackson Hardware in Brundidge.

And for Brundidge, a small rural community of 2,000 in Southeast Alabama, a Home Town Takeover would mean all the difference in the world, McDaniels said.

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“This opportunity is so important to Brundidge because it’s a chance to transition from our history and bring our town back to life,” McDaniels said. “To have a Main Street makeover would absolutely light our town right back up.”

McDaniel joins a large cross section of Brundidge residents who are putting together a Home Town Takeover video presentation is hopes of their city being chosen for a Main Street makeover.

Just having a chance for a Home Town Takeover has brought about excitement throughout the community, McDaniel said.

“It’s like Brundidge is a delicate flower just waiting to be watered and brought back to life, – the culture, the arts, theater, business, everything that Brundidge is and can be,” he said. “We are a town in the shadows of other cities but we are standing on our own.

“I have lived in different places but, here in Brundidge is the first time that I have felt like the community reached out to me,” McDaniels said. “Brundidge is a community in the truest sense. And, we have such a diverse business community, including me, an Irish Catholic Yankee. “

McDaniels said Brundidge has promise and buildings that are not empty, rather filled with potential.

“The chance opportunity for a Home Town Takeover has brought our community together in an exciting and promising way,” he said. “We have needs and also things that we can build on. So, even if we don’t get the Home Town Takeover, we will win because we are a community that is together and dedicated to moving forward.”

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce has completed and submitted its entry in the Hometown Takeover.

“The Hometown Takeover was circulating on Facebook so, when we caught a break, we got together and knocked it out,” said Dana Sanders, Chamber president. “Troy has a beautiful downtown area and there is a lot of excitement about new businesses moving in and loft living, which we have and is popular all across the country.”

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce team, of Sanders, Emily Aaron, Chamber vice president; and Mary Brunson, Chamber art intern; worked together on the video which included images of the vibrant downtown area and also vacant buildings and spaces.

“In many downtown areas, there is not a lot of moving-ready space, but Troy has space available,” Sanders said. “When making the video, we had no idea of what those who will make the decision as to what town is chosen for the Hometown Takeover will be looking for. We wanted to show the charm that is downtown Troy and I think the video captures that charm and also the opportunities for growth.”

Sanders is hopeful that participating in the Hometown Takeover will encourage greater interest in Troy’s downtown area for shopping, business and living.

“We believe our submission to HGTV’s Hometown Takeover is strong and hope that those who make the decision about the Takeover will identify with us,” she said.

Hometown Takeover is HGTV’s most ambitious renovation show. Ben and Erin Napier, show hosts, will take over and restore an entire town.

To be eligible for restoration, a town needs to meet three requirements. The town has to have a population of less than 40,000 residents. It must have homes and buildings with great architecture ready to be revealed. And, it has to have a downtown area that’s a bit run down.