ARTRAGEOUS: TAC kicks off 2020 with energetic show

Published 9:07 pm Monday, January 13, 2020

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Some events are billed as “a don’t miss.”

On Sunday afternoon, the Troy Arts Council presented a “don’t miss” event at the Claudia Crosby Theater and it was that and a whole lot more, said Bill Hopper, TAC president.

“If ARTrageous didn’t hit with everybody somehow, I don’t know what else we can do,” Hopper said. “It was a performance for all ages and for all interests.

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“It was art; it was music; it was dance; it was storytelling. It was stage performance and audience participation. It was everything theater is and all wrapped into one. It really was ARTrageous.”

ARTrageous is an 11- member traveling artistic troupe based in New Mexico, and Hopper said, already, the TAC is considering having them travel back this way.

“The show generated so much excitement and enthusiasm that I would like to have ARTrageous back in Troy,” Hopper said. “The show was full of energy and that spilled over into the audience. The audience response was amazing. It was a wonderful event.”

Following the show, Hopper said audience members expressed amazement at the talent of the troupe.

“In talking with audience members afterwards, they were impressed with the talent – the singing and dancing and especially the artistic talent,” he said. “The artists painted with their hands and with brushes.”

They painted individually and then together in what was almost like a choreographed dance.

“They even painted upside down,” Hopper said. “When, they tuned the painting over, it was the Mona Lisa.”

John Lennon and Freddie Mercury were subjects of the ARTrageous paintings that were done to the music of the musicians. Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” was a black-light painting.

The performance ended with the audience on its collective feet as the artists painted an   American eagle and the Statue of Liberty to music, enhanced by dance.

Hopper said the ARTrageous troupe was generous in donating the on-stage paintings to the TAC.

Just what plans the TAC has for the paintings is uncertain but Kay Stinson is certain what she will do with the painting that she was fortunate to win.

On the ARTrageous Facebook page was an invitation to enter the drawing for a painting that would be done on stage at the Sunday performance at the Claudia Crosby Theater.

“I entered my name in the drawing and just got lucky,” Stinson said. “I got to choose which painting I wanted and I chose the Liberty one. The eagle was great, too, but the Liberty painting made a statement, USA. Recently, we’ve been through a lot of trying times. Liberty is what I wanted.”

Stinson said she thoroughly enjoyed ARTrageous.

“Those that were not there really missed something fantastic,” she said. “I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything as much. And, the talent of those 11 people was unbelievable.”

Stinson said she heard that the TAC might have ARTrageous back and, if so, she’ll be on the front row. “It was just that good.”