Female Factor forgets past, moves forward

Published 9:09 pm Wednesday, January 8, 2020

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Right now is where it is. Whether you are overweight, underweight or too close to either, now is the time to forget the past and look forward.

That is the message Kevin Brown, owner of Kairos Fitness in Troy, brought to the ladies at Fe-male Factor Wednesday.

Kairos Fitness is located across from McDonald’s and next to Bedzzz Express. Brown laughingly said he discovered the ideal location for his fitness center while waiting in the McDonald’s drive-thru for his pancakes.

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Laughter aside, Brown wasted no time challenging the ladies who want to make a change in their fitness levels to “do it now.”

“Now is your moment for change,” Brown said. “Now is the time to design the fitness level necessary to be the absolute you.”

Brown said the purpose and long-range goal for Kairos Fitness is to help people achieve the fitness level of change they desire.

“Those who come to Kairos Fitness are asked to forget the past and look forward,” Brown said. “I want to inspire lifelong fitness in each person.”

However, Brown said the goal of lifelong fitness cannot be achieved short term.

“Often, guidance is needed for long-term results,” he said. “At Kairos Fitness, I don’t promise that you will lose five pounds in five hours. What I want is for each person to discover a new way to fitness. I encourage lifelong fitness. And that moment begins now.”

Brown said that moment of change includes preparing for living stability and that mandates food moderation or, simply put, eating in small portions.

“You don’t have to give up the foods you love,” he said. “You just need to eat them in small por-tions. You need to do more and eat less.”

Kairos Fitness has everything one needs to “do more” and that includes a full body workout, in-cluding treadmill, cross-trainer elliptical, recumbent bike, stepper, rower rollers, balance domes, upper/lower body strength, weight bars, medicine balls, agility ladders/hurdles and a kids’ play ar-ea.

“The Kairos Fitness vision statement is to provide a complete facility, to promote the healthy ability and to prepare for living stability in all people of all fitness levels,” Brown said. “Each Kairos Fit-ness workout is called a moment. Each moment counts. Each moment moves us closer to our goal. Each moment is an opportune decision for action.”