Haunted Library brings terrifying characters to life

Published 9:03 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library was the site of the Haunted Movie Marathon Tuesday night. And, if there was any place as scary as Tupper’s haunted library, it must have been Sloss Fright Furnace.

“All the movie sets were scary but a lot of fun,” said Garneshia Lampley, Tupper’s children and teen coordinator. “Ushers took the groups through the haunted library and explained what happened in each scene. It was pretty scary stuff.”

More than 150 brave-hearted people, young and old, had the daylights scared out of them by a host of horror movie characters that came to life in the library.

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Lampley said even ghosts and goblins were scared stiff at the sight of real-life characters from the cinema’s most spine-chilling movies.

“The Haunted Movie Marathon” featured some of the most terrifying characters that ever appeared on the movie screen.

Lampley said “Tupper” required that young children be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. The “scary” thing was that the adults were often the first to scream and/or scramble.

The library’s volunteers played characters from the horror movies so realistically that they even scared themselves, she said.

“The Haunted Movie Marathon” was based on several movies, “The Children of the Corn,” “It,” “Saw” and “The Shining.”

Lampley said “The Children of the Corn” is about children in a fictitious town in Nebraska who murder all adults in the town to ensure a successful corn crop. “It” is the scary story of seven children that are terrorized by an evil entity and “Saw” features a sadistic serial killer, “Jigsaw.”

“In the ‘Saw’ scene at the library, a girl, wearing a hospital gown, was on a table with a bear trap on her head,” Lampley said.” She was chained at the ankles. Jigsaw had to be around somewhere. It was a scary scene.”

“The Shining” is the story of being able to see into the future,” Lampley said. But “Tupper” had “The Shining Twins” so it was twice as horrifying.

“‘The Haunted Movie Marathon” was the third at the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library and is a Halloween tradition with the purpose of providing communitywide fun for the kids.