Brundidge mayor, council members to seek reelection

Published 4:51 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

Mayor Isabell Boyd and three members of the Brundidge City Council will seek reelection next year.

The recent death of longtime council member Arthur Lee Griffin leaves a vacancy in District 2 and Council Member Chris Foster, District 5 is uncommitted at this time.

Boyd will seek a second term as mayor. Boyd also served on the city council as a representative from District 5 for 20 years. Betty Baxter, District 1 will seek a third term on the council as will Margaret Ross, District 3. Byron Gaynor, District 4, will seek a second term.

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Boyd said her goal for a second term as mayor is to increase the population of Brundidge and build the downtown business district back to where it was just a few years ago.

“We need to create more reasons for people to move to Brundidge and back to Brundidge,” Boyd said. “We also need for people to be willing to invest in our downtown area so that we can bring our business community back to where it was 10 to 12 years ago.

“Brundidge needs another grocery store so people would have a shopping choice. And, we need more participants in our nutrition program. We just need to grow Brundidge.”

Boyd said recreational activities for all Brundidge citizens is also a priority.

“We want to continue with the growth of our city recreation program to include activities for people of all ages,” she said. “Providing recreational facilities and opportunities for our young people is essential for the growth of our city recreation program.”

Ross said, too, that growing the city’s population is a priority.

“We need people to move in who care about Brundidge and will work to make positive change,” she said. “We need people who are willing to think progressively and those who will be willing to invest time, energy and money into projects that will be beneficial to the city and will improve the quality of life for all our citizens.”

Ross said a personal goal is to see a project that she spearheaded brought to fruition.

“It is very important to me and, especially, to the residents of the Johnson Street area, that the Mims Creek project be completed,” she said. “These residents have lived with runoff water standing on their properties far too long. This will be a high priority for me.”

Baxter said a priority for her is making sure that projects that are underway be completed in a timely manner.

“I don’t want us to put too much on our plate at one time,” Baxter said. “When we put things on our plate, we need to make sure that we go ahead and get them done. I want to see some of the projects underway at Galloway and Ramage parks completed. We’re moving ahead in getting dilapidated houses and buildings throughout the town taken down. That’s a step in the right direction. We want our town to be presentable.”

Baxter complimented the city employees on their commitment to a better Brundidge.

“Our city workers have been out cutting the weeds along the streets and I really appreciate that,” she said. “We all need to take pride in our city. If we do, we can all see the difference it will make.”

Byron Gaynor, District 4, said his initial decision to run for the Brundidge City Council was in order for his voice to be heard. His decision to run for re-election is to help the Brundidge community.

“I see the community’s needs and I feel that I have the skills to fill those needs. I running because we live in an awesome community that has been good to my family,” he said. “I conduct myself with integrity and commitment and I have a good work ethic.”

Gaynor said he has qualities that make him a good councilmember.

“I have empathy for the people in my community,” he said. “I show them that I hear them by responding to their concerns.”