YOUNG ARTISTS: Student art fills Johnson Center for the Arts

Published 8:57 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019

From the youngest of school children to the most senior of students, they came, one at a time, to accept awards for their artwork entered in the annual Troy Bank & Trust Student Art Show, Wednesday at the Johnson Center for the Arts.

Prior to the awards program at 10:30 a.m. at The Studio, the students and their parents had the opportunity to view the TB&T “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill” Student Art Show at the JCA.

Bill Hopper, JCA executive director, expressed his appreciation to TB&T for the bank’s support of the arts in the schools and, specifically, the annual student art show.

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“This show is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to share in their students’ excitement of having their artwork on display,” Hopper said. “We appreciate the fact that these parents have instilled in their children an appreciation for art. In the long term, the results will be rewarding.”

A total of 137 awards were presented to art students throughout the county in four age divisions and in a variety of categories, including drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, graphic design, painting, mixed media and sculpture. First, second and third place awards were presented in each category and in each grade division.

Best of Show Awards for the TB&T Student Art Show were presented in each of the four grade divisions. Recipients of Best of Show Awards were: Grades K-3, William Regehr, Covenant Christian, drawing; grades 4-6, Abbie Parrish, Troy Elementary School, etching; grades 7-9 Joyce Gallie, Charles Henderson Middle School, mix media 2D; and grades 10-12, Ashley Brooke Kersey, Charles Henderson High School, mixed media 3D.

The Best of Show winners received a special award and their teachers received a monetary award from TB&T.

Diana Lee, TB&T marketing and public relations officer, congratulated the award winners and all students who entered the show. Lee said TB&T sponsors the student art show annually in support of the arts in the schools and in recognition of the importance of the arts in the community.

“TB&T is proud to provide this opportunity for the students to exhibit their artwork and to be recognized for their accomplishments,” Lee said.

Pam Smith, retired Charles Henderson High School art teacher, organized and orchestrated the “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill Art Show” and was very complimentary of the participation and the quality of the show.

“The teachers of these art students are to be commended,” she said. “The number of students participating is increasing. I taught about a third of the parents of the students who received awards today. That is an indication that parents realize the importance of the arts in education.”

Smith said art is a part of the creative process and, even if students don’t pursue art-related careers, the creative process is a valuable asset in any profession.

Smith said the 2018 and 2019 student art shows at the JCA were both billed as “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill.”

“Being small artworks, it was easier for students to enter more than one category,” Smith said. “And, also, being small, we had more space to exhibit more artwork.”

The first, second and third place award winners in each category in each of the four grade divisions were:

Grades K-3

Color Drawing: first, Reagan Chandler, PLAS; second, Finn Duncan, PLAS; third, Lila Smith, PLAS

Black and white drawing: first, Carson Dorsett, PLAS; second, Brody Spivey, PLAS; third, Mary Clark Brown, PLAS

Painting: first, Charlie Jo Morgan, TES; second, Tyler Estes, CCA; second,Elisa Pacheco, CCA; third, Kaida Dinh, TES

2-D collage: first, Lyam Senn, TES; second, Lincoln Green, TES; third, Jalun Adams, TES

3D collage: first, Hailey Horn,CCA; second, Arionna Hinton, TES; third, Lizzie Kate Staggs, TES¬

Printmaking – relief: first, James Wei, CCA; second, Elisa Pacheco, CCA; third, Keaton Baker, CCA

Printmaking – etching: first, Bennett Greer, CCA; second, Layla Motes, CCA; third, Edi Hua, CCA

Mixed media 2D: first, Meg Gardner, PLAS; second, Jamario Bowen, TES; third, Natalie Hamm, PLAS

Mixed media 3D relief: first, Kevin Branch, CCA; second, Caroline Murphy, CCA; third, Slade Brown, TES

Sculpture – molded: first, Maggie Adams, TES; second, Maggie Rice, TES; third, Josie Walker, TES

Sculpture assembled: first, Erin Siler, TES; second, Jayce Tolbert, TES; third, Jake Hitchcock, TES

Best of Show: William Regehr, CCA (color drawing)

Grades 4-6

Color drawing: first, Emma Holbert, CCA; second, Peter Du, CCA; third, Daniel Pacheco, CCA

Black and white drawing: first, Peter Du, CCA; second, Christian Cobb, CCA; third, Brayden Burkett, TES

Painting: first, Sadie Holbert, CCA; second, Raeghan Worley, CCA; third, Emma Faircloth, CCA

Collage: first, Ashlan Drivas, CCA; second, Reagan Warren, CCA; third, Patrick Slay, TES

Printmaking – relief: first, Madison Mulkey, CCA; second, Penny Earnest, CCA; third – Layton McCullough, TES

Printmaking – etching: first, Bryton Camwell, TES; second, Alaiya Agboatwala, TES; third, Benjamin Cochran, TES

Graphic design black and white: first, Lanie Spivey, PLAS; second, Taylor Ellis, PLAS, third, Jesus Sanchez, TES

Graphic design color: first, Lola Drinkwater, CCA; second, Isabella Turner, TES; third, Joe Drinkwater, CCA

Mixed Media 2D: first, Madison Mulkey, CCA; second, Daniel Pacheco, CCA; third, Brea Swindall, CCA; third, Carmen Sanders, PLAS

Mixed media 3D relief: first, Lola Drinkwater, CCA; second, Ford Hussey, PLAS; third, Luke Sikes, PLAS

Sculpture: first, Grace King, TES; second, Christopher Pedroza, TES; third, Genaci Moore, TES

Best of Show: Abbie Parrish, TES (Etching)

Grades 7-9

Color drawing: first, Elsie Coppage, CHMS; second, Keisha Patel, CHHS; third, Sofia Valencia, CHMS

Black and white drawing: first, Joyce Gallie, CHMS; second, Parker Cox, GHS; third, Mallory Grace Sanders, CCA; third, Breanna Mills,GHS

Watercolor painting: first, Keisha Patel, CHHS; second, Breanna Mills, GHS; third, Lainey Hattaway, GHS

Acrylic painting: first, Joyce Gallie, CHMS; second, Mary Samson Dunn, CHMS; third, Katelyn Davis, GHS

Collage: first, Hannah Sparrow, CHHS; second, Aurora Tipp, CHMS; third, Lainey Hattaway, GHS

Printmaking: first, Mallory Grace Sanders, CCA; second, Anyssa Batie, CHMS; third, Aurora Tipp, CHMS

Photography: first, Hope Challancin, CHMS; second, Eavie Kate Lindsey, CHMS; third, J¬¬esell Pastel, CHMS

Graphic design black and white: first, Abigail Ellerman, GHS; second, Ensley Eakes, PLAS; third, Ashlin Williams, GHS

Graphic design color: first, Eavie Kate Lindsey, CHMS; second, Sawyer Keck, CHMS; third, Mallory Grace Sanders, CCA

Mixed media 2D: first, Marlie Williford, CHMS; second, Breanna Mills, GHS; third, Hannah Sparrow, CHHS

Mixed media 3D: first, Mary Samson Dunn, CHMS; second, Addison Armstrong, CHMS; third, Hope Challancin, CHMS

Sculpture molded: first, Jordan Ogleclark, CHMS; second, Ka’Mya Brown, CHMS

Sculpture assembled: first, Marlie Williford, CHMS; second, Halie Crawley, CHMS

Best of Show: Joyce Gallie, CHMS (Mixed Media 2D)

Grades 10-12

Color drawing: first, Julianne Castro, CHHS; second, Anna Robinson, CHHS; third, Isabella Carr, GHS

Black and white drawing: first, Angelica Garcia Moreno, CHHS; second, Mathew Davis, GHS; third, Sophie Hollis, PLAS

Painting: first, Carsyn Smith, CHHS; second, Wade Roughton, GHS; third, Alexander Carr, GHS

2D collage: first, Anna Robinson, CHHS; second, Hayden Roberts, CHHS; third, Kassidy Mizell, CHHS

3D collage: first, Ashley Brooke Kersey, CHHS; second, Angelica Garcia, Moreno; CHHS; third, Amber Fayson, CHHS

Printmaking: first, Amber Fayson, CHHS; second, Javier Cortez, GHS; third, Grace Qualls, GHS

Graphic design black and white: first, Alexander Carr, GHS; second, Michael Morgan, GHS; third, Jenesis McClure, GHS

Graphic design color: first, Niky Li, CHHS; second, Niki Li, CHHS; third, Kassidy Mizell, CHHS

Mixed media 2D: first, Angelica Garcia-Moreno, CHHS; second, Julianne Castro, CHHS; third, Jenesis McClure, GHS

Mixed media 3D: first, Brianna Pham, CHHS; second, Amber Fayson, CHHS

Best of Show: Ashley Brooke Kersey, CHHS (Mixed Media 3D)