Reeves to seek third mayoral term

Published 11:38 pm Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Mayor Jason Reeves filed the paperwork Tuesday to begin his campaign for re-election as the mayor of the City of Troy. Reeves, a Troy native, served on the City Council before his election as the city’s top executive in 2012.

“Serving as Mayor has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” Reeves said. “I truly love this town and it has been amazing to see the growth that we have experienced in the past 8 years. I believe there is so much more that can be done to see our city reach its full potential and I hope that the people of Troy will re-elect me so that I can continue to serve and to work hard every day to try to make Troy an even better place to work and to raise a family.”

In the seven years that Reeves has served as Mayor, Troy has been the site of several major economic development projects which have brought hundreds of jobs to the area, along with the expansion of several local companies. Under Reeves, unemployment rates have dropped to their lowest numbers in years.

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“We have experienced unprecedented growth over the last decade and, especially over the last four years, we have several exciting things on the horizon,” Reeves explained. “This area has a great team of elected officials as well as business and economic development people who work together to recruit really great companies to our area from a variety of different sectors. That results in an increase in our tax base and in better jobs for our citizens.”

Reeves is also excited about the growth of Troy’s downtown area. There have been a number of new retail stores and restaurants that have opened in and around downtown in recent years that have transformed the Court Square area.

“It really is remarkable to walk around downtown and see how alive it has become. It is a stark contrast from the downtown of 20 years ago,” Reeves said.

Jason Reeves and his wife, Elly, are both Troy natives. They have four children.

The election for mayor will be held on August 25, 2020.