Troy Fire Department frees teenage boy whose leg was stuck in pipe

Published 1:38 pm Tuesday, October 15, 2019

At about 6:30 Monday night, the Troy Fire Department got a call that a child had become stuck in a pipe.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they found a teenage boy with his leg nearly knee-deep into the hole in a yard on Hubbard Street.

“He had been running through the yard with his friends when he stepped into a hole,” said Deputy Chief Curtiss Shaver. “His foot got into a kind of disfigured position where he could not pull it out. So our engine rescue company had to dig all the below the foot and cut the pipe off to remove him from the ground.”

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Shaver said the ground was hard and extricating the boy from the pipe took more than half an hour. An additional vehicle even had to be called in the bring extra battery tools to free the boy from the utility pipe.

The boy was treated for his injuries on the scene and was transported “in good shape to a trauma facility outside the city” for examination and treatment of his leg.