Brundidge Christians ‘walk for Jesus’

Published 9:03 pm Monday, October 14, 2019

Saturday morning the Concerned Christians of Brundidge took Jesus to the streets.

The CCOB’s 20th Annual “Walk for Jesus” began at New Jerusalem Church and followed a Main Street route to Pike County High School where everyone gather for a time of worship and prayer for the schools, the city and the nation.

Following the “Walk for Jesus,” everyone was invited to Galloway Park for a time of food, fellowship, worship and praise music.

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The Rev. Willie Moultry, an event organizer, said the “Walk for Jesus” brings people from different churches and throughout the community together and also takes Jesus out into the streets.

“Many people don’t attend church and we want to provide an opportunity for them to know about Him,” Moultry said. “You never know when something you say or do can bring someone closer to Jesus. Maybe someone along the street took a step closer to Him on Saturday.”

Moultry said those who walk for Jesus are richly blessed and sometimes their lives are turned around.

“At every Walk, someone carries the burden of the cross,” he said. “And, there are a lot of testimonies behind the carrying of the cross.”

Moultry shared the story of one cross bearer who was living in a car. He had no money and was drinking out of an antifreeze jug.

“I didn’t think that carrying the cross meant anything to him,” Moultry said. “But, about a year later, I saw him and he had gotten off drugs, had a job, and gotten married. After carrying the cross, his burdens had been lifted from him.”

The same was true for others who carried the cross during the “Walk for Jesus.”

“I know of another man that carried the cross and found Jesus and, also, three women who took turns carrying the cross. They all turned their lives around,” Moultry said. “And, hopefully, there are many others who are closer to Jesus because we take Him out into the streets.

When the CCOB organized 20 years ago, it did so with the idea of reaching out to those who did not know Jesus.

“We decided the best way to get them involved was to offer free food,” Moultry said with a smile. “If they would come to eat, then we could, hopefully, reach out to them in other ways, through the Word of God and through music, caring and good works.”

At that time, Galloway Park had been closed by the city for various reasons and it had become an eyesore.

The CCOB approached Mayor Jimmy Ramage and requested that the park be re-opened.

“The mayor said if we would show him we were serious about cleaning the park up and keeping it up, the city would reopen it. We did our part and the city reopened the park. And, it’s a good place for people to gather.”

The CCOB is always looking for and finding ways to bring people together and closer to the Lord. They have performed several Christian dramas and support the youth of Brundidge in various ways.

The CCOB is concerned about the Brundidge community and is always in prayer for the city and its people.