THE RETURN: Beatles tribute band rocks Crosby Theater

Published 9:13 pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Troy Arts Council presented “The Return,” a Beatles Tribute Band, in concert Tuesday night

at the Claudia Crosby Theater.

The theater was at near capacity to hear the boys from Griffin, Georgia sing the songs those boys from Liverpool, United Kingdom made popular around globe for almost a decade. A split in 1969, disbanded the group was arguably the most influential band of all time.

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But, from all indications, the Beatles music continues to be popular across the globe and across the generations, said Bill Hopper, president of the sponsoring Troy Arts Council.

“‘The Return’ drew one of the biggest crowds I can recall at a Troy Arts Council concert,” Hopper said. “We received so many great comments about the concert. And, we were glad to see so many people of all age groups. The Troy Arts Council is dedicated to bringing more shows like ‘The Return’ to Troy.”

And, why not? Hopper said. Not only did “The Return” draw a huge crowd and one that spanned generations, it was also an enthusiastic and vocal crowd packed with many who “grew up” with the “Beatles” and also Troy University students, many of whom were familiar with the Beatles’ music, if not the boys themselves. And, there were those who just wanted to see what all the Beatles’ hype was all about.

Troy University students, Kate Beacham and Erika Hollingshead, were literally dancing in their seats.

“My parents thought it was important to expose me to all kinds of music,” Beacham said. “So, they took me to concerts. I also watched videos and learned about the history of different kinds of music from disco to the Rolling Stones, that were my favorite.”

But, after seeing and hearing the Beatles via “The Return,” Beacham said the Rolling Stones will have to take a backseat.

Hollingshead is a big fan of the Bee Gees but, two or three songs in and she was just as big a fan of the Beatles.”

“Even bigger,” she said, never taking her eyes off the stage.

Jennifer Senn, a TAC member, said, although she is several years removed from the Beatles, she is familiar with their music through the radio.

“I enjoy their music and, if I had grown up in the 1960s, I would definitely have been a Beatles’ fan,” Senn said. “Their music was upbeat and ‘The Return’ did a great job singing the Beatles’ songs.”

There were only a couple of songs that Senn said she didn’t know and that spoke to the popularity of the Beatles’ music across generations.

Senn said her husband, Charlie, also enjoyed the concert.

“He was dancing in his seat and hollering out,” she said, laughing. “I was pleasantly surprised at the audience participation. Everyone was relaxed and having fun.”

“The Return” performed in true Beatle fashion. The first set, they dressed in black suits and with mop hair. The second set the Beatles dressed as in their psychedelic era. Throughout, they strummed vintage guitars and portrayed the Boys from Liverpool in true fashion.

Keith Roling said the concert was like being at a Beatles’ concert.

“Doc Kirby, Mac Gibson and I were talking and we all said it was the best concert we’d been to in a long time,” Roling  said. “And, the most impressive part was the crowd. It was the most invigorating crowd I’ve been a part of in a long time. And, it was good to see new, young faces. I was excited to see so many people out and having such a good time. ‘The Return” did a great job and I’m proud I was there.

The TAC’s next concert will be equally exciting and as well attended, the Troy Arts Council president said.

“The Shelia Jackson and Friends Holiday Concert is a holiday tradition,” he said. “The theater is always packed and the show is always prenominal. We are looking forward to Shelia and friends on December 13 at the Crosby Theater.”