Murder trial continues

Published 8:22 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The trial of Demarcus Flowers in the 2017 murder of Xavier Thomas continued Tuesday at the Pike County Courthouse.

The prosecution contends that Flowers helped orchestrate the fatal shooting of Thomas on May 26, 2017, at Walding Circle in Brundidge.

Thomas was sitting in his car in the senior center parking lot when another vehicle allegedly driven by Tige Townsend pulled up at the scene. Jacory Townsend then got out of the passenger seat and fired multiple shots into the vehicle, killing Thomas before Jacory returned to his vehicle, which then fled the scene.

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An arrest deposition shows that law enforcement originally believed Flowers to be the driver of the vehicle that transported Jacory Townsend to and from the scene.

Jacory Townsend was convicted of murder in November 2018 and sentenced to life in prison for his role in the incident.

Tige Townsend had entered a plea deal with the prosecution to a 20-year sentence with only five years to be served in prison, in exchange for his testimony against Flowers. However, Townsend recalled his testimony last week, nullifying the deal.

Prosecutors examined texts between the phone of Tige Townsend and other contacts including one labeled “big sis,” and one labeled “Big Marc” (which is the phone that belongs to Flowers.

One text from Tige Townsend’s phone on May 20, 2017, read “some (expletive) ran off in grandmas house and got dope … and money.” This is around the time that Thomas was rumored to be involved in a robbery of Demarcus Flowers and his grandmother’s residence, stealing approximately $10,000 and marijuana. Thomas was never charged with the crime.

Another text read from Thomas’ phone, sent on May 15, 2017, read “… dope in the mustang … money in the pocket.”

In a text to “Big Sis” from Tige Townsend’s phone on May 24, 2017, just two days before the murder, read “You’re not being ignored. The people that ran on my grandmas house tried to kill me the other night. Tryna (sic) handle that.”

The prosecution rested Tuesday and the defense is now making its case for Flowers’ innocence.

Defense attorney Susan James said Flowers was never involved with the murder and that police have worked to connect Flowers to the crime without any evidence of his involvement.

Murder is a Class A Felony punishable by 20 years to life in prison. Trial continues today at the Pike County Courthouse.