Winland retires from TRMC

Published 7:28 pm Thursday, August 22, 2019

Troy Regional Medical Center RN Susan Winland said there would be no tears from her at her retirement celebration Thursday afternoon.

And, she was true to her words.

She thanked everyone for attending her retirement celebration and for their support and friendship over the 38 years she has been on staff.

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Winland said Thursday, August 22, 2019, was the last day she put in an IV, the last time she took a patient’s meal to a room and the last time she would walk up the big, back hill to the hospital.

There were hugs all around. And, Winland did not shed any tears, unless misty eyes count.

Amy Minor, Chief Clinic Officer, congratulated Winland on her retirement and wished her all the best.

“Susan will be greatly missed by all of us,” Minor said. “Especially in Outpatient Surgery. There, Susan is known as the Face of the Second Floor. She has been on second floor so long everyone knows her and trusts her. She is kind and caring. She is an outstanding nurse and a good friend to all of us.”

The RNs who have worked so closely with Winland over the years on second floor, said they have laughed together and cried together as they shared much of their lives with each other.

“We see each other more than we see our families,” Amanda Smith said.

Tenell Liptrot said she has seen the caring side of Winland in a personal way.

“I had surgery and there was the possibility that things would not go well,” she said. “I was very upset. Susan came, held my hand and told me she would be right there, looking after me every minute like an old mother hen and she was.”

Michelle Tyson said it’s not going to be easy to come up to Winland’s standards.

“Susan can find a vein easier than anyone I’ve ever seen,” she said. “Some of our patients ask for her to put in their IVs. They know how good she is. Susan almost never misses.”

As for the IVs, Winland gave God the credit for her abilities as a nurse and for surrounding her with such wonderful, caring people.

Winland said the three RNs who work with her on second floor are like family and she will miss them, just as she will miss all those who have been a part of her life for 38 years.

“Retirement will take getting used to,” she said. “But, now I’m going to do everything that I want to do and nothing that I don’t want to do.”

There was laughter all around. But there were hugs of appreciation for what Winland has meant to TRMC and the many that have been in her care.

“Susan has contributed so much,” Minor said. “She has a servant’s heart.”

And, not a one of those at Winland’s retirement celebration believed that Susan Winland won’t show her face on TRMC’s second floor again “and again.”