WEATHER READY: WSFA’s Snitil visits Goshen Elementary

Published 3:00 am Saturday, August 17, 2019

Yesterday, Eric Snitil from WSFA came to Goshen Elementary to talk with students about weather and weather safety.

Snitil informed the students in Miss Hodge, Ms. Rhodes, and Mrs, Trotters 3rd grade classes about what to do and where to go during different weather events like a tornado, a flood, and more.

These 3rd graders had the chance to ask Snitil questions about his job as a meteorologist and about different weather events. They also got to take a look at the WFSA storm tracker van.

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Snitil explained that WSFA goes out to different schools several times a week during the school year to meet with students.

“With school starting up again, we just want to get the topic and conversation going and get kids interested in the weather,” he said.

“My favorite part of coming out to talk with the kids is letting them ask the questions. We have a little bit of an agenda when we come to talk about important things like where to go during tornadoes, but the younger groups usually ask really fun questions.”

Snitil has worked at WSFA for 8 years, but is planning to move to Rochester, New York, as a chief meteorologist at WROC and his last day at WSFA will be next Friday.

“It’s a sad time and we’re going to miss it here,” he said. “This is not easy because we’ve met some really good people that have become close friends and family now.”

He explained that part of the business is knowing and accepting that you don’t get to stay somewhere forever. While he is sad to leave Alabama, he is also excited to be closer to his family in New York and for the future.