Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library celebrates Alabama bicentennial

Published 3:00 am Friday, July 12, 2019

The weekly enrichment programs hosted by the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library in Brundidge came to close Thursday afternoon at Brundidge Station.

The Thursday programs were an outreach of the public library’s summer reading program.

The focus of the Thursday program narrowed its focus from the universe to the Great State of Alabama.

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A large group of regular young readers gathered at Brundidge Station to learn more about the state they call home by participating in a variety of fun/learning activities.

Garneshia Lampley, director of “Tupper’s” children and teen programs, said the focus of the summer reading program has been the wonders of the universe and programs have included a magic show, a Wild West show and a program all about animals.

“This year, 2019 is Alabama Bicentennial year and, at ‘Tupper’ we wanted to share stories of Alabama that would be of interest to them,” Lampley said.

Lampley said the stories of the people and places in Alabama were designed to foster a greater appreciation for Alabama and motivate the children to want to know more.

The program included a slide show of places of interest throughout the state, political and Civil Rights figures and also prominent people and important places in Pike County.

“We asked the children about their favorite restaurants and their top choices were Sisters and Crowe’s in Brundidge,” Lampley said. “Among their favorite places to visit were Troy University and the Pioneer Museum of Alabama, Camp Butter and Egg and the Heart of Dixie Trail Ride, but the Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library was their most favorite place to visit.”

The children played games about Alabama. Jeopardy caught the interest of the older summer readers who enjoyed verbally showing how much they know about Alabama’s people, places and rather odd things.

The younger children searched for the state’s landmarks on a map in a fun and exciting game of “I Spy.” Also learning/fun were the challenges of an Alabama crossword puzzle and the excitement of Alabama Bingo.

“The children learned about Alabama’s people and places through the slide show and the games,” Lampley said. “We hope what they learned will make them more aware of our state’s beauty and all it has to offer.“

Lampley said Tupper’s Summer Reading Program has been a great success with 130 children and teens registered and an average of 60 for the weekly enrichment programs at Brundidge Station.

The final “hoorah” for Tupper’s Summer reading program will Splash Day on July 18 at the library grounds. All kids are invited.