‘Three women artists’ reception at JCA ‘simply amazing’

Published 3:00 am Thursday, July 11, 2019

Simply amazing!

Those two words were spoken a hundred times or more at the artists’ reception for “Three Women Artists” Tuesday night at the Johnson Center for the Arts.

Bill Hopper, JCA executive director, said “simply amazing” says it all about the artwork of Andrea Chipser, Carole Jayne and Alisa Koch.

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“Everybody at the reception was amazed at the uniqueness and quality their artwork,” Hopper said. “I don’t know enough about art to understand the entire processes of the work of these artists but I know this exhibition is one of the best I have seen.”

Ruth Walker, a local artist and JCA docent, said she is impressed with the very different styles of the three women artists.

“I don’t believe that you could go to any gallery and find three artists that are as different but so unbelievably good,” Walker said. “I’m very impressed with the talent and styles of Chipser, Jayne and Koch. Those who do not take advantage of the opportunity to see these exhibitions will really miss something amazing.”

Those who attended the artists’ reception had opportunities to talk individually with Chipser and Koch. Jayne, the 2018 TroyFest Best of Show recipient, had a previous engagement and was unable to attend. Later, the patrons of the arts gathered in the lower level galley for an art talk with Chipser and Koch.

Wiley White, JCA exhibition coordinator, described the artwork of Chipser and Koch as different in style and technique but “captivating.”

And, the artists were equally captivating in sharing the purpose and process of their work during the art talks.

Chipser, who lives and creates in Destin, said the influences for her art come from her upbringing in rural Alabama and her years of living on the emerald coast.

Chipser’s technique is described as acrylic pouring and is, seemingly, an involved process that includes thinning the paint, applying heat and exploring and experimenting, much as a chemist would with the tools of his trade.

“I let the paint do its own thing,” Chipser said. “I don’t try to tame it. I let the paint be what it wants to be. I let it tell its own story and I watch it unfold.”
And Chipser weaves her magic by adding the fine details with the brush.

And, the result is, as Hopper said, “amazing.”

Koch left her native Midland City for the big cities of Montgomery and Huntsville. There, Koch did what any artist does in the big city. She waited tables.

And she immersed herself in “all things artistic,” including twisting wire into interesting shapes. Along the way, she found what she wanted to accomplish as an artist.

“I wanted my art to say something,” she said. “I wanted those who viewed my artwork to feel something, like the beautiful ending of the day. But, how do you capture the beauty of a sunset?”

Koch found ways to capture the peacefulness of a sunset and to harness the movement of nature using a palette knife.

Up close, her work often appears abstract but, from a distance, she challenges viewers to make the painting their own.

“Amazing,” Hopper said. And that was the final word at the reception for “Three Women Artists.”

However, the exhibition will not close until August. The public is invited to take this opportunity to view the artwork of three amazing women artists. Admission to the JCA is free

The JCA hours are from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and until 3 p.m. on Saturday.