Churches come together to pray over pastor transitions

Published 9:11 pm Thursday, June 27, 2019

At least four churches in Troy are going through pastoral changes, so Steve Winton, pastor at First United Methodist Church of Troy, decided to cross denominational lines to have a prayer service for the churches.

“We knew that at least of several large churches were all in transition,” Winton said. “We just wanted to invite those four churches especially, and any other churches in town or their leaders to come and pray for these churches and for good spiritual leadership. The body of Christ goes beyond denominational lines and we just feel the need to pray for our sister churches in town.”

First Baptist Church of Troy is still in a pastor transition after pastor Luke Lane departed in September 2018, Bush Memorial pastor Dwayne Norman took on a new church in May, First Presbyterian pastor Michael Alsup finished leading his congregation in June to join a ministry to international college students at Auburn and Rev. Den Irwin just transferred to Wetumpka from St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church.

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Winton said he wanted to bring the churches together because of the importance of selecting a new pastor.

“If you attend a church, you understand the importance of changing pastors,” Winton said.

Jolene Lane, ministry assistant at FBC, said the church appreciates the gesture from their fellow churches in Troy.

“We’re very happy that they offered to have this prayer service,” Lane said. “I believe that the most important first step is to pray and ask God to direct you and give you wisdom as you seek them men to have in leadership. It feels good to join together as a community with different denominations to pray and ask God for guidance.”

Alsup said he also appreciates the camaraderie of the churches as he departs on a new venture.

“I thought it was a really nice thing,” Alsup said. “A lot of us who just left had been in Troy for a while and we all knew each other. It enabled us as churches to work together on a lot of things. I would really love to see the Lord bring men who would continue on in that spirit.”

The service will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday in the FUMC sanctuary.