Administrative answer sought to complaints of noisy bar

Published 8:04 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jamie Taylor, owner of The Station AirBnB on Love Street, asked the Troy City Council to answer three of his questions Tuesday night about alleged noise violations by Infusions Cocktail Bar.

“Are all city codes and ordinances of equal importance with equal enforcement? At what point is a violation situation deemed more urgent or needing a definitive solution? And what does the city code say should happen?”

The council did not directly answer any of the questions, with Councilwoman Stephanie Baker, District 4, explained that the council will be answering Taylor’s questions but was not prepared to do so immediately. Council President Marcus Paramore explained that the council’s duty is to create code, while it is up to the relevant department heads to enforce the code.

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Taylor said he respects the council for hearing his concerns, but is not satisfied with their response.

“I’m not convinced the council knew their responsibility as members,” Taylor said. “The main point I was trying to make (Tuesday) night is that … we wanted an administrative response.”

Taylor used the example of an AirBnB that was found to be operating illegally on Spradley Drive and how that business was ordered to cease and desist by city administration quickly. While Taylor said the situation is not the same as a noise violation, it still demonstrates how he thinks the city should handle a consistent violation in city code.

Taylor said he and his wife Lindsay understood when they purchased the building that it would be in an entertainment district and have no problems with that.

“The noise ordinance says noise shouldn’t be heard from more than 50 feet away,” Taylor said. “We didn’t put an AirBnB 50 feet away from the bar, it’s a block away. The closest complaint we’ve made about being able to hear noise is 250 feet away from the building and we’ve complained about being able to hear noise as far as 1,000 feet away.”

Taylor said he and Lindsay don’t have any issues with having the bar nearby and that many of their guests also enjoy having a nearby bar, until there’s a noise issue. Several guests have asked to have refunds or be moved to another hotel due to the noise, Taylor said.

Infusions owner Von Ewing responded to the situation on Facebook, saying “I choose to be patient. I choose to trust the process. I choose to LOVE my neighbors. Everything I have visualized, intended, prayed about, and worked on is in the process of manifesting. I will remain centered and at peace. I will be strong and continue to believe #OneTroy”

Efforts to reach Ewing for further comment Wednesday were unsuccessful.

This is the second time a downtown business owner has addressed the council with concerns about noise and loitering at the bar, which was previously known as Trojan Tavern.