UPDATE: Cleanup after the tornado continues

Published 11:24 am Monday, April 15, 2019

Betty Spann didn’t hear her weather radio go off early Sunday morning, but she heard a tornado siren and decided to get to her safe space.
“I got my hearing aids, a hard hat and a blanket and went into my back hall,” Spann said. “It happened so fast; I didn’t hear any wind even, just a boom, which I think was my electric fan that fell in my kitchen. If I had not been hasty I could have been killed; the wind busted in some of the windows and I found a big piece of glass lodged in the upstairs bannister.”
Immediately after hearing the storm hit her house, she called up a neighbor with one question on her mind.
“Is the tower there?” Spann asked. The neighbor confirmed that the home’s featured tower was no longer there. Spann stepped outside after the storm and discovered the remnants of the tower in her back yard.
The tower is one of the best historical features of the house, Spann said, with everyone always asking about how to get up to the historic space. It had been damaged before by lightning and repaired; now Spann is hoping to have it replaced.
Spann also lamented the loss of the dogwood trees in front of her home, sharing fond memories of her father planting them there.
But Spann was grateful just to be alive, and that nobody else in the area was injured.
“It could have been much worse,” Spann said. “It’s just things. We’re really blessed.”

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