Finding new life: Alumni hope to restore abandoned fraternity house

Published 8:45 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Heart breaking, sad and falling apart are some of the words used to describe the old Troy chapter Delta Chi house on the corner of Three Notch and Murphree streets, but local alumnus John Ferguson says that will soon change.

“For almost 10- years an alumnus had been trying to buy the house,” Ferguson said. “Now it is being bought and finalized by the end of this week.”

The chapter plans to restore the home to its original state and make it a place where alumni can come and stay for big events or even just passing through.

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“This was not a financial decision to buy the house but an emotional decision,” Ferguson said. “We love that house and it is going to cost a lot to restore it, but brothers are already stepping forward to help with the finances. This won’t be a party house or anything; just somewhere where alumni can come back to.”

The alumni who bought the house wishes to remain anonymous, Ferguson said.

News of the planned restoration has been warmly received by city officials and neighbors. “This house is a landmark near our historic district and I appreciate those that are investing in not just a renovation project, but really investing in our community,” said District 4 Councilwoman Stephanie Baker. “When we can preserve structures like this, we are truly preserving the beauty of its architecture, people and stories for future generations.”

Mayor Jason Reeves echoed that sentiment. “We would love to see that beautiful home restored; it will be exciting if it all works out,” he said.

The house originally was home to the Delta Chi Fraternity chapter at Troy University. It was purchased by private owners who planned to renovate it and rent to students, but that plan wasn’t feasible, Ferguson said. It has been unoccupied and in disrepair for more than a decade.

“So many locals are contacting us and saying how much they appreciate that it is going to be restored,” Ferguson said. “We can’t wait to spend work weekends out there investing time and work back into the place.”

Alumni and current chapter members plan to come together to work on the renovations.

“Not only is the Troy chapter of Delta Chi very active, but so is the alumni chapter,” Ferguson said. “This is going to impact both more than they probably realize. It’s definitely going to boost a pride factor in the chapter and also show to brothers that there is strength in the alumni chapter, as well …

“We are lucky that our alumni chapter is so strong, and I hope that this starts a trend to preserve our old fraternity homes,” Ferguson said. “This place is going to be a real gem.”