Infusions cocktail bar opens in former location of Trojan Tavern

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Infusions cocktail bar may be in the same location and have the same ownership as Trojan Tavern did, but owner Von Ewing said the bar is a whole new experience.

“We’ve definitely focused more heavily on the cocktails, and we have infused cocktails,” Ewing said. “We also have over 40 craft beers now, more than anywhere else in Troy. We’re more focused on the beverage. And at the Tavern, we had a DJ most nights. With Infusions, we’ve had live music every Friday and Saturday night we’ve been open and we’ve only had a DJ twice, and those were college nights.”

The new cocktail bar has been open downtown now for three weeks in the same exact address on Love Street that was once the Trojan Tavern, which Ewing owned.

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In 2018, some neighboring business owners voiced concerns about loitering and noise at and around the bar.

A short time later, Ewing decided to close the Tavern with plans to open the new Infusions bar in it’s place.

“The new spot is not going to have those same issues,” Ewing said at the time. “As a business, you set your atmosphere. A nice cocktail bar will work downtown. I’m looking for it to be a nice successful calm chill quality business.”

The infused cocktails are a new touch that Ewing said aren’t available anywhere else in Pike County yet, and were just last year specifically declared legal by the Alabama legislature.

“If you get a raspberry Smirnoff or something like that, there’s a lot of sugar in there to get that taste,” Ewing said. “With infusion, you get that naturally. We have all kinds of organic fruits and we also infuse with coffee beans and mint.”

Ewing said the infusion process gives the alcohol a more natural refreshing flavor.

“The drinks are so good you can just get them on the rocks,” Ewing said. “You can get them mixed into a great cocktail too, but a lot of people will just order them on the rocks because they come out like gold.”

Ewing said he wants the bar to offer an atmosphere fro everyone and bring everyone together.

“I love Troy and I love everyone in Troy,” Ewing said. “I want to bring everyone together, young or old, black or white, man or woman. I feel like that’s what Troy is all about. I want to work with all the business owners in the area too. It’s not going to work unless we’re all selfless; I think that’s what Troy is.”