Former Trojan pens new self-help book

Published 10:57 pm Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Chellie Phillips is a “sweet-tea-sipping, sassy southerner” who is passionate about helping women tell their stories, remain true to their authentic selves, expand their influences and add more joy in their lives.

For more than 20 years, Phillips, a former Trojan, has been in public relations, marketing and communications. Most of those years spent in Pike County in newspaper and radio but primarily with South Alabama Electric Cooperative in Troy.

Today, Phillips continues her work with rural electric in Moreland, Georgia and is also a motivational speaker and a self-proclaimed, “kick-to-the-pants” who uses her experiences in team-building and mentoring to show women how to take control of their choices and beliefs.

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“Then, when the door of opportunity opens, they will be ready to walk though,” said Phillips, whose recently published book, “When in Doubt, Delete It!” focuses on 36 life-changing edits to add clarity, success and joy to women’s lives.

In penning the self-help book, Philips drew from her experiences in the newspaper business and in life.

“Editors use proofreading marks to make stories more readable and understandable,” she said. “So, I asked myself, what if those same marks were applied to life. ‘When in Doubt, Delete It!’ focuses on five proofreader marks – delete, insert, move, begin and set.”

Phillips said the initial step in taking control of one’s life is deleting the things that are preventing forward movement.

“Instead, insert ideas and qualities that help you grow,” she said. “Do something new so you won’t grow stagnant. Make conscious choices not to allow fear or comfort to hold you back and keep you from achieving your goals.”

Phillips said everyone has the power to direct the days ahead.

“We all dream of happily ever after,” she said. “But then, life happens and our dreams begin to seem like a fairy tale. I know because life turned into a bad dream for me.”

But Phillips realized that she could write a different script to her story by editing her life.

“I sucked it up,” she said. “I began to make my own edits and I took control of my life. I edited out the parts that were holding me back. I adjusted my attitude and changed my situation.”

Phillips is sharing what she learned through editing, deleting and inserting the things in her own life in “When In Doubt, Delete It!”

“The book shows those who want to start a new chapter in their lives how to take control of their choices and beliefs so they will be ready to walk through the right door of opportunity when it opens for them,” she said.

Publisher Kary Oberbrunner said Author Academy Elite, endeavors to partner with, and publish, authors with a solid message that can have an impact on today’s world.

“In ‘When In Doubt, Delete It!,’ Chellie crafted 36 simple life edits sure to resonate with women who are seeking a life filled with more joy and success,” Oberbrunner said. “She’s open and honest with her readers about life’s ups and downs, including struggles in the career world, dealing with the death of a close friend, and making sure you don’t allow fear to stop you from taking a chance on new opportunities.”

Barbara Patterson, director of student involvement and leadership at Troy University, has praise for Phillips’ book.

“Chellie has written the kind of book that can be read, reflected upon and enjoyed, Patterson said. “You will find yourself frequently picking up ‘When in Doubt, Delete It!’ to go back to a section on what you are living right then. Chellie’s wonderful stories make the book come alive and help you see that many others are living with the same fears and desires.”

Laura Trentham, award-winning writer of women’s fiction, said Phillip’s book is a fun and informative take on finding balance and letting go of the unattainable need for perfection.

“Any woman, no matter where they are in life, will benefit from Chellie’s wisdom,” she said.

“When in Doubt, Delete It!” is available on  and in area bookstores.

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