Pike County High School committed to recycling

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Three years ago, Pike County High School won first place in an ADEM-sponsored recycling competition.

Today, the students and teachers are just as committed to their recycling efforts as they were when they were competing against other schools.

“In the competition, PCHS students and teachers collected 6,000 pounds of recyclable materials,” said Willie Wright, PCHS principal. “That was the largest amount collected by any school at that time. But, I’m just as proud of our faculty and students now as I was then. They continue to be committed to helping save the Earth through recycling.”

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Wright said it is important that students be taught the value of saving the earth.

And, Wright’s teachers and students are “as one” in doing their part to save the Earth through recycling.

A former student, Nathan Herbert, presented the idea of a continuing recycling program at the school. And, it was an “everybody’s in” kind of idea. Herbert also bought recycling bins for the collections.

“We use a lot of paper at the school and it really adds up so we are contributing to the nationwide effort,” Wright said.
Each teacher has a plastic bag for paper collection in his or her classroom. The filled bags are kept in a room designated as a collection center. Paper boxes are deposited in an on-site trailer.

“Our teachers take turns delivering the recycled paper to the Troy Recycling Center,” Wright said. “Our recycling program is a schoolwide effort. It is a way for Pike County High School to do its part in saving our Earth.”