Troy man wins $1,000 in balloon release fundraiser

Published 3:00 am Saturday, November 17, 2018

Elkine Jackson of Troy is the winner in the Pike Medical Foundation’s 2018 Balloon Release that was held on October 4 at the Trojan Terrace at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The Balloon Release was a fundraiser for the Foundation.

A record number of 540 sponsored balloons were released and the sponsor of the balloon found the greatest distance from Troy received $1,000. The individual who found the balloon received a $100 founder’s fee.

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The balloon that made Troy Country Club grounds keeper, Elkine Jackson a jackpot winner was found in Croweville, Louisiana by Cody Albritton, an off-shore oil worker. Albritton said he found the balloon in the “front yard of his wife’s paw-paw.”

Karen Herring, TRMC marketing, said the balloon was found about six hours due west of Troy.

“That’s 378 miles and that’s the greatest distance any balloon in the TRMC Balloon Release has been found,” Herring said. “And, it’s unusual that the balloon was found west of Troy. Most of the balloons found have been found to the east. Maybe the hurricane had something to do with it.”

And, it was also somewhat unusual that the winner of the 2018 TRMC Balloon Release didn’t even purchase a ticket.

The winning ticket was purchased by Collin McCrary, a Foundation board member who had tickets to sell.

“I bought several tickets and put the names of friends on them,” McCrary said. “Elkine is one of the greatest guys I know. He is hard working and is willing to help anybody out at any time. He’s just a good person and I am so glad that he was the winner.”

Herringn said when she called McCrary to tell him Elkine had won, he was ecstatic.

“He was so happy for Elkine and so was everybody,” she said. “Good guys do finish first.”

Jackson, laughing, said he had already spent the money because it was going to pay bills.

Although, Jackson had thanked McCrary for putting his name in the pot, he thanked him again. “He’s a good friend. A real good friend all the time.”

Jim “Booty” Bruce, 2018 Balloon Release chairman, said presenting the check for $1,000 to Jackson was “the perfect wrap” for a tremendous fundraising campaign that will support the TRMC Cancer Center.

The 2018 TRMC Balloon Release raised $54,000. Herring gave credit for the record-breaking fundraiser to the 16 volunteers who gave so unselfishly of their time and energy, at no cost to the hospital, so that local cancer patients don’t have to travel to receive quality. That care will be here at home.”