Military, agriculture, immigration are among Roby’s top priorities

Published 10:24 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby acknowledged she was “preaching to the choir” Wednesday in telling members of the Pike County Republican Women about the importance of elections.

“We’ve got to preach beyond the choir,” Roby told the dozens of women – and men – at the Troy Country Club Wednesday. “In order to persuade the undecided and independent voters, we’re going to have to put ourselves out there. I do not believe compromising our conservative principles is how we get votes; it’s about doing a better job of making our case.”

Roby, the representative for Alabama’s second Congressional district, is less than two weeks out now from knowing whether she will return to Congress yet again. She is challenged by Democratic nominee Tabitha Isner. Roby took her allotted time at the Wednesday luncheon to focus on the issues of veteran care, military support , agriculture and pro-life legislation.

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Roby said the latest appropriation she helped pass contains the largest spending boost to service members pay in a decade and increases troop numbers and weapons.

“I will always fight to rebuild and strengthen our military to make sure we remain the tip of the spear,” Roby said, highlighting her position on the appropriations committee. “We need to make sure our installations thrive for years to come.”

Roby said she also helped position a farm bill that protects Alabama’s interests and the needs of the state’s largest employer.

Veterans Affairs reform is a constant battle, Roby said, but she said progress has been made to continue bringing better care to veterans.

“It’s no secret that the VA is a broken bureaucracy, but it remains my priority to make sure veterans get the care that they need in  timely fashion,” Roby said. “We’ve made historic reforms at the VA already; no one piece is the solution, but collectively, a lot of progress is being made, particularly regarding accountability.”

Roby said she stands completely behind securing the border, including the construction of a border wall.

“Cracking down on illegal immigration is critical, and it starts with securing our border,” Roby said. “If you have a leak in your house, you don’t replace the drywall before you fix the leak … I believe it’s necessary we do all we can to secure our border.”

Roby also said she is “unapologetically pro-life” and that she considers it a “privilege to use (her) voice in Congress to fight for those who don’t have a voice.”