Local student art on display at JCA

Published 10:32 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More than 120 pieces of art are on exhibit at the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy.

On Wednesday, the 114 “contributing” artists were honored for their work.

The artists were the winners of the 2018 Mini Art Show.

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Troy Bank & Trust Company sponsors the annual student art contest at the JCA, with retired Charles Henderson High School art teacher Pam Smith as the contest coordinator.

The theme for this year’s student art contest was “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill.”

Smith said the idea for “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill’ came from a lesson that she taught over the years. The dollar theme also worked well with TB&T as the contest’s sponsor.

“It’s fun-sized art and not just for young children,” Smith said. “Students have to ask themselves, ‘What can I do in this little space?’ It’s challenging.”

Smith said the small “canvas” makes it possible for the creation of more art.

“With larger art projects, space is limited,” she said. “With ‘Art the Size of a Dollar Bill’ space is not a concern so students can do more pieces. We can have three times as much art and more categories.”

There were 16 categories for “Art the Size of a Dollar Bill,” and, therefore, “more opportunities for kids to shine,” Smith said.

Bill Hopper, JCA director, expressed appreciation to Smith for coordinating the show and to Troy Bank & Trust for its continued support of arts education and the JCA.

“Students submitted about 300 entries in the ‘Art the Size of a Dollar Bill’ contest,” Hopper said. “I want to thank each of them. I am continually amazed at the amount of talent among our young people. I want to also thank their teachers for their dedication to young people and for their support of the arts.”

Hopper said the annual student art competition supports the JCA’s mission to provide arts education and arts opportunities to young people.”

Kristy Drinkwater, art teacher at Covenant Christian School, said the annual student art show is a unique opportunity for students to compete and then to have their artwork exhibited at a public gallery.

“And today was probably the first time some of these students have been in the Johnson Center for the Arts,” she said. “Hopefully, they will tell their parents about the JCA and they will come back as a family.”

Award certificates were presented to first, second and third place winners in each of the 16 categories and on all grade levels, K-12.

Best of Show Awards were presented in age divisions. Ada Cellon, Troy Elementary School, took Best of Show honors in grades K-3. Her art teacher is Jennifer Lyndsey. Best of Show honors for grade 4-6 went to Pete Du, Covenant Christian School. Kristy Drinkwater is his teacher. Olivia Cole, Charles Henderson Middle School, took the top honor in the 7-9 grade division. Jennifer Sullivant is her art teacher. Charles Henderson High School’s Sydney Watson was honored with Best of Show in the 10-12 grade division. Her art teacher is Charlotte Walden.

The first, second and third place winners in each category and age division are:


Color Drawing

First – Reese Pugh – TES

Second- Shelly Stephens – Pike

Third – Reagan Warren – Covenant Christian

Black and White Drawing

First – Shelby Jo Holmes – Pike

Second – David Dawson – Mrs. Barnes

Third – Hailey Horn – Covenant Christian



First – Coley Fuller – Covenant Christian

Second – Avery Green – Pike

Third – Ava Moore – Covenant Christian

Tempera and Acrylic

First – Harper Gordan – Covenant Christian

Second- Lyric Motes – Covenant Christian

Third – Judson Durant & Piper Pennington – Covenant Christian


First – Alex Deloney – Pike

Second- Jaelyn Willis – Covenant Christian

Third – Loxley Lankford – Pike


First – Averie Register – Covenant Christian

Second- James Wade Murphy – Covenant Christian

Graphic Design (no computer)

First – Brea Swindall – Covenant Christian

Second- James Wade Murphy – Covenant Christian

Third – Georgia Tipp – TES

Mixed  Media

Multiple Materials 2D

First – Elizabeth Gay – Pike

Second- Ava Beard – Covenant Christian

Third – Wyatt Grissom – Covenant Christian & Shelly Stephens – Mrs. Barnes

Multiple Materials 3D Relief

First – Jackson Van – TES

Second- Baylor Pennington – Covenant Christian

Third – Devion Suddith – TES

Best of Show Grades K-3

Ada Cellon – TES (3D Flowers)


Color Drawing

First – Taylor Lee – TES

Second- Cody Law – Pike

Third – Mary Grace Robison – Pike

Black and White Drawing

First – Wilson Yi – Pike

Second – Shelby Wood – TES

Third – Rosie Staggs – TES



First – Addison Armstrong – TES

Second- Allyn Wilson – Pike

Third – Emma Faircloth -Covenant Christian

Tempera and Acrylic

First – Kendalyn Buck – TES

Second- Mallory Grace Sanders – Covenant Christian

Third – Kylie Adkinson – TES


2-D Collage

First – Lola Drinkwater – Covenant Christian

Second- Ka’Mya Brown – TES

Third – Kinsley Simmons – Pike

3D Collage

First – Beth Dixon – Covenant Christian

Second- Emma Faircloth – Covenant Christian

Third – No Entry


First – Lola Drinkwater- Covenant Christian

Second- Allie Lewis – TES

Third – Daniel Pacheco – Covenant Christian


First – Eavie Kate Lindsey – TES

Graphic Design (no computer)

Black and White (hand drawn only)

First -Peter Du – Covenant Christian

Second- Daniel Pacheco – Covenant Christian

Third – Heidi Regan & Mary Claire Perry- Covenant Christian

Color  (hand drawn only)

First – Courtney Cobb- Covenant Christian

Second- Lola Drinkwater – Covenant Christian

Mixed  Media

Multiple Materials 2D

First – Kade Brookins – Pike

Second- Dylan Atwell – Pike

Third – Pruitt Vaughan – Pike

Multiple Materials 3D Relief

First – Beth Dixon – Covenant Christian

Second- Josephine Dawson – TES

Third – Lily Greer – Covenant Christian

Best of Show Grades 4-6

Peter Du – Covenant Christian (Boll weevil)


Color Drawing

First – Olivia Cole – CHMS

Second- Keisha Patel – CHMS & Harleigh Bozeman – GHS

Third – Kayla Grant – CHMS

Black and White Drawing

First – Amelia Hill – CHMS

Second – Will Templin – CHMS

Third – Canaan Freeman – Mrs. Barnes


First – Piper Jones – CHHS

Second- Dong Liang – CHMS

Third – Addie Grace Adler – CHMS


2-D Collage

First – Olivia Kirkpatrick – CHMS

Second- Amy Prieto – CHHS

Third – Sarah Madison Davis – CHHS

3D (Relief) Collage

First – Amy Prieto – CHHS


First – Amelia Hill – CHMS

Second- Jordan Ogleclark – CHMS

Third – Briann Snyder & Hope Challancin – CHMS



First – Hannah Sparrow – CHMS

Second- Kevin Yeoman – CHMS

Third – Aicey Hawkins & Mary Samson Dunn – CHMS

Black and White

First – Katherine Branson – CHMS

Graphic Design (no computer)

First – Mary Sampson Dunn – CHMS

Digital Imagery & Computer Graphics

First – Marie Gallie- CHMS

Second- Destiny King – CHMS

Mixed  Media

Multiple Materials 2D

First – Joyce Gallie – CHMS

Second- Marley Williford – CHMS

Third – Sarah Madison Davis – CHHS

Multiple Materials 3D Relief

First – Sarah Madison Davis – CHHS

Second- Stella Gilbreath – CHHS

Third – Braden Prestwood – CHMS

Best of Show Grades 7-9

Olivia Cole – CHMS (Donut Painting)


First – Alyssa Shepherd – CHHS

Second- Avont Anderson- CHHS

Third – Benjamin King- CHHS


Third – Emily Hartley – GHS

2-D Collage

First – Angelica Garcia – CHHS

Second- Chris Maxwell – CHHS

Third – Sydney Watson – CHHS (Manhattan)

3D (Relief) Collage

First – Madelin Paez – PCHS

Second- Brooke McLendon – CHHS

Third – Patrick Wright – PCHS


First – Ragan Hudson – CHHS

Second- Jalen Wallace – CHHS

Third – Trevor McKnight – CHHS

Digital Imagery and Computer Graphics

First – Rah-Quan Cowan – CHHS

Second- Halie Haynes – CHHS

Mixed  Media

Multiple Materials 2D

First – Carsyn Smith – CHHS

Second- Opalyn Bradley – CHHS

Third – Ashleigh Baker – Mrs. Barnes & Sarah Forman – GHS

Multiple Materials 3D Relief

First – Brooke McLendon – CHHS

Second- Roberto Juarez – CHHS

Third – Carsyn Smith – CHHS

Best of Show Grades 10-12

Sydney Watson – CHHS (Queen of Mystery)