Brundidge revitalization efforts underway

Published 3:00 am Friday, September 28, 2018

The Brundidge Revitalization Committee chairs met Tuesday night at Brundidge Station to discuss what progress has been made by the individual committees and how best to move forward with the revitalization efforts.

Dr. Toni Wilson, who chairs the committee with Lawrence Bowden, said she was well pleased with the progress that has been made.

“Several of the committees have started working on projects designed to revitalize Brundidge,” she said. “Randy Ross is chairman of the events committee. His committee is planning a Blues and Barbecue event at Jabo’s Barbecue on Highway 231 south of Brundidge. A Farmers’ Appreciation Supper is scheduled as an event of the annual Peanut Butter Festival.”

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Wilson said other events and activities are on the drawing board to bring people to the downtown area.

The Building Committee’s plan is to contact the owners of buildings in the downtown area as a way of knowing what possibilities there are for occupancy, Wilson said. The committee is also considering ways to enhance the downtown area such as awnings on the buildings and attractive facades and the Beautification Committee has plans for landscaping in the downtown area.

“Wiley Lott, with Southeast Alabama Gas, suggested looking at the best practices of other cities the size of Brundidge that are enhancing their cities and encouraging growth,” Wilson said. “He said we should not do this to copy or imitate other cities. That we should find our own identity. To do that, we might want to look at the history of our town, including the peanut butter mills.

“We want to integrate the Pike County High School students into our plans because we want people of all ages to see the advantages of living and working in Brundidge.”

Former Pike County High School athletes are the focus of a proposed project to honor those who went on to play college and professional sports, Wilson said.

Montgomery architect Paul Butler has designed a wall of honor with that will be a focus of interest in the downtown area if it becomes a reality. The wall will feature the names of the honored athletes. A location and funding for the wall are necessary for the project to move ahead.

Wilson said Mayor Isabell Boyd attended the meeting and expressed support for the good work the committees are doing.

“Mayor Boyd said there is excitement throughout the community and more people are getting involved. We will need to be looking for the resources that we need to help make the proposed project successful.

“Marketing what we do is going be very important. We are considering designing a brochure and the website will be updated so that everyone will be better informed about what is being done and the progress that is being made.”

Wilson said she is proud to be a part of the grassroots movement to revitalized Brundidge.

“I have been associated with the Dr. S.D. James ministry for several years and I operate a mentoring programs out of Brundidge,” she said. “Brundidge is a good place to live and operate a business. I thank all of those who are volunteering their time and talents to this revitalization effort.