PAINT PARTY: Downtown Brundidge draws art-lovers

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The City of Brundidge is looking for ways to revitalize its downtown area and, in some ways, it’s already happening.

On Thursday nights, North Main Street in downtown Brundidge is a happening place, said, Mary Poe, a member of the Paint Parties class that meets at Collier’s on Main, a downtown restaurant and event center.

“We have a large class of painters from all around the area,” Poe said. “Dine and Dance class also meets at Collier’s for dinner and then dancing at the event center. Next door, play practice is going on at the We Piddle Around Theater. So, there are a lot of positive things going on in downtown Brundidge on Thursday nights. “

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Poe said, for her, the paint part is fun and it’s also a stress reliever.

Several years ago, Poe had a head injury and her neurologist advised her that painting is a good stress reliever.

“So, when I heard about the Paint Parties class at Collier’s, I was immediately interested,” she said. “The class meets once a month and you pay a small fee for supplies and get to paint something of your own. There’s also, the fellowship with others that have similar interests but, the best thing about painting is that it’s so relaxing.”

Because the Brundidge Paint Party is in a restaurant, class members can eat while they are painting.

“Some people order hamburgers and fries, some order steak, some order finger foods and some get a glass of wine and some just paint,” Poe said.

And, when the class is done, each painter has a finished painting to take home.

Missy Strother said the September class was tailor made for her.

“I love horses and I am excited to be have a painting of a horse that I have done,” Strother said. “For me, the painting class is an outing. We eat; we visit, we paint. We have fun.”

The class at Collier’s is taught once a month by Katie Hughes of Enterprise.

“The idea of the painting class just took off,” Hughes said. “The first class I taught was in a coffee shop in Enterprise. Next, in a salon. Then, I began to be asked to teach classes at different places. And the most popular places are restaurants because the painters like to eat and chat while they paint.

No painting experience is necessary to enroll in a Paint Party.

“The paintings are trendy so they are fun. And, they are not challenging,” Hughes said. “I walk the class through each step. Getting started is the hardest part. When the class is over, each painter proudly walks out with a painting.”

“Paint Parties are social events,” Hughes said. “People like to get out of the house or out of their regular routines and do something different. You can’t help but get absorbed in painting and then you forget your worries for a while. A Paint Party is a great way to spend and evening with friends or making new ones.”