Troy locals to assist victims of Hurricane Florence

Published 10:30 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2018

When Hurricane Florence crashed into the Carolina coasts last weekend, Nikki Stallings felt led to go help out in the aftermath, but did not know how she could be useful alone.

“I felt God calling me since the hurricane hit, but I didn’t know how to do it,” Stallings said. “Monday morning, I got an email from Praying Pelican Missions, a group I went to Costa Rica with on a church mission trip, saying they needed volunteers. I thought ‘This is it. This is how I go.’”

So Stallings discussed the details with the mission organization and planned out a weekend trip to North Carolina. Now there are 12 people joining her on the mission and Stallings sid she is still hoping to gain some more volunteers.

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“It’s been awesome to see all the people that have started helping,” Stallings said. “A Troy University student that is going wrote a letter for us to try to get donations.  Some people that are not even going have been making fliers and handing them out to people. It’s wonderful to see how God put this together.”

Stallings said the group will be mucking out houses and helping to distribute food, and possibly helping to rescue people from their homes.

“We’re going to a smaller community, Swansboro and Morehead,” Stallings said. “They asked where do we feel led to go? And we told them we don’t care, we just want to help.”

Stallings said the smaller communities are not getting as much attention, but had just as much damage.

Donations needed include canned foods or boxed foods, water, hygiene products and toiletry products.

“Really anything anyone can think of; we’re not too picky,” Stallings said. “Clothes, toys – anything anybody feels led to give.”

In addition to material donations, Stallings is asking for prayer from the community.

“Pray for the victims affected by the hurricane, pray for the volunteers, pray for the ones giving financially, pray for the ones sending food and water – just pray,” Stallings said.

Food, water and hygiene products may be dropped off at SARHA Doctors Center in Troy or Piggly Wiggly at either Troy location. They are open 7 days a week and will collect through October 1.

Money can be donated at Southside Baptist Church to Andy Messick Jacobs or donations can be mailed to the church at 522 S. Brundidge St., Troy, AL, 36081. All checks should be written to Nikki or Joey Stallings.

“The money will go to supplies we need while there, gas to get us there or more food while we’re there for the community,” Stallings said. “People that feel led to volunteer can contact the church and they will contact me.”

Stallings said the group needs all the help it can get as they make their journey.

“The people of North Carolina have lost so much,” Stallings said. “¬Some have lost everything. Some have even lost their loved ones. We must all come together in times like this. God is calling us all to come together and show his love and compassion to everyone around us. So let’s come together and show North Carolina God’s love and grace.”

The group will be headed for North Carolina October 5 and will return October 7.