House candidates report spending, contributions

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Now that the Republican primary is over, the race for the District 89 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives is down to Republican Wes Allen and Democrat Joel Williams.

Allen, currently probate judge, defeated Marcus Paramore, Troy council president, to secure the Republican nomination while Williams was unopposed as the Democrat Party selection.

Although both candidates qualified to run back in February, Allen has raised and spent much more money than Williams so far, since he had to campaign for the Republican nomination in June.

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Williams chose not to officially announce his candidacy until May of this year.

While Allen had begun raising funds months in advance of the February qualifying deadline, Williams made his first campaign expenditure when paying his qualifying fee of $925.14 to the Alabama Democratic Party. He also contributed the same amount to himself as an in-kind contribution to cover the expense. The state Democratic Party also donated $113.10 in an in-kind contribution to Williams.

In April, Williams received a contribution of $100 from Dr. Toni Stetson. Williams also loaned himself $10,000 to fund the start of his campaign.

In June, Williams added $1,000 total in contributions including $100 from Dr. David Dye, $100 from Michael Guillory, $200 from Rick DiGiorgio, $300 from Harriett Pullen, $100 from Keith Roling, $100 from Chris Schubert and $100 from Donna Schubert.

In July, Williams brought in $10,825 in total contributions, including $25 from Ursula Bryant, $1,000 from Caleb Dawson, $100 from Keith Hegler, $100 from Jean Orendorff, $500 from Jerry F. Shirley III, $1,000 from Lyndia Dew, $1,000 from Alabama Works PAC, $1,000 from the House Democratic Caucus Fund PAC, $500 from Timmy Hall, $1,000 from N. J. Cervera, $100 from Samuel Shelton, $500 from James Sherry, $300 from Jim Bradsher, $500 from John McKeller, $250 from Joe Jackson, $500 from Penelope Dawson, $1,500 from Ryan Staniscavage, $50 from Oren Fannin, $250 from Greg Wilkes, $150 from Catie Strickland, $300 from Toby Adams, and $200 from Kevin Flowers.

Williams spent $1,995 in July with $1,500 total going to Jesse McDaniel, $20 going to the reapportionment office, $400 going to 590Films and $75 going to the South Alabama Pro-Rodeo Classic.

Following his primary victory over Paramore, Allen raised $3,850 in June in addition to $15,379.80 still on his campaign balance.

The contributions include $100 from J. Roy Bray, $200 from William Davis, $500 from Jason and Kristy Jones, $2,500 from Alabama Power Company Employees State PAC, $25 from Jesse and April Wilson, $500 from Alabama Lenders PAC, and another $25 from Jesse and April Wilson.

Allen spent $8,079.68 in June including $5,000 to Virtus Solutions, $1,642 to Ideal Graphics, $100 to Goshen High School, $400 to the South Alabama Pro-Rodeo, $100 to Goshen Youth and another $837.68 to Ideal Graphics.

In July, Allen received a total of $1,525 in contributions including another $25 from Jesse and April Wilson, $1,000 from N. J. Cervera and $500 from W. D. and Jill Sanford.

Allen spent $3,125 in July including $2,000 to Virtus Solutions, $125 to Pike County Cattlemen, $250 to the Goshen High School football program, $250 going to G. W. Long football, $250 going to Pike County High School athletic boosters and $250 going to the Ariton Athletic Club.

Allen currently has $9,550.12 remaining in his balance while Williams has $19,004.86.

The two candidates will compete for the seat on Tuesday, November 6 during the general election.