Banks School road resurfaced for safer new schoolyear

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The road to Banks Primary School will now be safer for parents and students after the county agreed to re-pave the road for the new school year.

“We are always concerned with safety,” said Shantell Rouse, interim principal. “It’s now designated as a one-way street and there are signs designating whether to turn right or left. It’s going to make for an easy flow of traffic. That’s the biggest thing.”

Russell Oliver, county engineer, said the commission brought forward the idea of paving the short stretch of road after parents at the school notified them of the potential safety hazards at the school.

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“There were some traffic flow problems on that road with it being very narrow,” Oliver said. “The parents would have to line up in a queue and just park while waiting for their kids; there was not a lot of room for traffic to come through. There had been some close calls and minor collision there before.”

In addition to making pick-up and drop-off safer for parents and students, Oliver said the pavement will be beneficial so that weather won’t have as much of an impact.

“There were problems there when it rained with mud, or when conditions were very dry there was a dust problem.”

Oliver said the road resurfacing was very low-cost compared to most of the road paving projects the commission considers.

“We had good base material on-site and it’s only one lane, so there was very little grading and drainage work to be done,” Oliver said. “It’s also a very short road.”

Rouse said the school is thankful for the decision to pave the road.

“We’re thankful to the county commissioners that they engaged in this project and got it done,” Rouse said. “And it looks good too. The community appreciates it.”

Oliver said the road will be open and ready for use this morning as the school begins a new year.