Some downtown businesses to close on summer Mondays

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

With a large chunk of Troy’s population out of town for the summer, some downtown businesses have decided to close their doors on Mondays to adjust for the slower pace of business.

Sarah Kelley, owner of Posh and P, said she began closing on summer Mondays a year ago after realizing the shift in workload during those months.

“I did it last year and it worked really well for us,” Kelley said. “College students being out of town is a huge factor for me. We still get parents coming through for orientation or coming to look at the school, people buying for weddings or students getting ready for sorority recruitment. But it’s better for us to close on Mondays during the summer; give people a longer weekend.”

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This year, some other businesses have decided to do the same thing as well, including Rustic Linen.

“I personally see a difference all over Troy when the college students are not here,” said Barbara Ward, co-owner of the downtown shop. ”Honestly, as a home décor shop, I don’t think it affects me as much as some of the stores that sell clothing. Students only really shop here if they’re buying for their dorms or apartments.”

It makes sense that the mass exodus of the student population would make an impact on local businesses – according to Troy University’s reported number of Troy campus students and the U.S. Census estimate for Troy’s population, students make up over a third of all residents within the city.

Kathy Sauer, president of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, said the entire network of people involved at the university – including students, faculty and staff – bring in a major additional impact in the months they are in town, leaving a noticeable absence when they’re gone.

“It impacts all of Troy, but it especially impacts downtown because of the small business owners,” Sauer said. “It gives the owners an opportunity though to take a deserving break. They can also use that time to rework their inventory or remodel if need be.”

Sauer said these small businesses are already open Monday through Saturday in most cases, so taking a Monday off only gives owners two days to relax and spend time with family.

“Many of them also have students on vacation and this gives them more time to spend with them,” Sauer said.

Kelley said Posh and P began closing on Mondays on Memorial Day and will continue to July until a few weeks before Troy University’s sorority rush process.

Ward said Rustic Linen will be closed on Mondays throughout June and July.

Not all downtown businesses are closing shop on Mondays though, so customers should check with the store ahead of time to ensure whether it is open.