Troy woman charged with meth manufacturing

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Troy woman has been arrested and charged with first-degree manufacturing of a controlled substance after deputies allegedly found materials used in the production of methamphetamines in the vehicle she was in.

Sheriff Russell Thomas said Sgt. Kevin Childs and deputy Carlton Bean performed a traffic stop on the vehicle and upon contacting the occupants found outstanding warrants for Jena Saltz, 30, of Troy, for probation violation and two alias warrants.

At that point, Thomas said the deputies then searched the vehicle and found several items associated with the production of meth.

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“They observed several cases of matches, a can of Coleman camp fuel, a bottle of heat and a bottle of lighter fluid,” Thomas said. “When speaking with deputies, Saltz advised the contents in the rear of the truck were hers and that the driver was not involved.”

Thomas said she identified the location of ephedrine pills in a pink backpack in the truck as well as a bottle of peroxide and acetone and iodine crystals. Officers also reported finding a loaded syringe uncapped under the seat and a small amount of marijuana.

First-degree manufacturing of a controlled substance is a Class A Felony punishable by 20 years to life in prison.

The statute includes a section that defines first-degree manufacturing to be the charge if the “clandestine laboratory operation was for the production of controlled substances listed in Schedule I or Schedule II,” which would include methamphetamines.

Saltz was also charged with second-degree possession of marijuana, a Class A misdemeanor.


Thomas: Arrested female this weekend possession of marijuana second degree. Sgt. Kevin Childs Deputy Carlton bean initiated traffic stop on a vehicle. Upon them approaching the truck they observed several cases of matches in a cardboard box as well as can of Kohlman camp fuel. A bottle of heat and a bottle of lighter fluid. Male subject driving female subject driving exit the vehicle check revealed warrants for probation violation for Jena Saltz 1312 Three Notch Troy. 30 old. As well as two alias warrants with Troy PD when placed into custody Childs speaking with Saltz advised contents in rear of truck were hers and belonged to her that the driver was not involved. All items commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine. She also described the location of different items within the truck including ephedrine pills in pink backpack peroxide acetone and iodine crystals. Along with location of a loaded syringe uncapped and under the seat while removing these items found a small amount of marijuana advised it was also hers. Manufacture of a controlled substance first-degree amphetamine.