‘Three on a String’ brings ‘big town’ to ‘small town’

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, April 17, 2018

In July, the popular musical/comedy group “Three on a String” will be the featured entertainment at the American Public Gas Association’s 2018 Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.

On Friday night, “Three on a String” was at the We Piddle Around Theater in Brundidge.

“The Brundidge Historical Society was very pleased that we could bring Three on a String back to Brundidge,” said Lawrence Bowden, BHS president. “All four of them are outstanding entertainers. We strive to bring the best entertainment possible to the We Piddle Around Theater and Three on a String is among the best. The storytellers that we have are also the best in the country. And, we would like think that our original folklife play, ‘Come Home, It’s Suppertime,’ is mighty good. Of course, we say that with all modesty.”

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Bowden said everything he heard about Three on a String’s performance was positive and enthusiastic. We are looking forward to having them back.”

Bobby Horton of Three on a String said the We Piddle Around Theater is one of the most unique theaters that Three on a String plays.

“It’s almost enough just to come here,” he said. “The atmosphere is like no other place. The audience was great and we do want to come back, and soon.”

Atmosphere is a word that Sara Warren of Enterprise used to describe her experiences at the We Piddle Around Theater.

“We have a group of six, and we go to everything at the We Piddle Around Theater,” she said. “We love the atmosphere but, then, the shows are always good. Three on a String was so entertaining. Their music was wonderful and we laughed and laughed. When you go out and laugh and have such a good time, that can be better for you than going to a doctor.”

Warren said there’s no way to beat the combination of good food, good entertainment and good fellowship. “Add atmosphere and that’s the We Piddle Around Theater.”

Polly Graham was among local folks who attended the Three on a String performance. She said it’s almost unbelievable that entertainment like that can be found in a small town.

“We are very fortunate to have that kind of entertainment in Brundidge,” she said. “I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed something so much.”