Law enforcement officers deserve respect

Published 3:00 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

Many years ago, I was chosen to be on the Pike County jury. I had never been on one before. You do not have a choice to be on a jury; it is an obligation unless you have a legitimate excuse. So, I served on the jury. Then after my precious mother died in 2007, I was asked to help as a poll worker with the elections. At first, I said no, then later said yes. I have never served my country in the military, so this was my way to serve my country again. In view of all that has been going on in our city, county and country, I would like to express my appreciation to our elected officials, city police and county law enforcement officers.

Over the years I have learned how some people respect the law and how others do not. My husband was a Marine Police officers years ago and he worked hard to make sure people had fun on the water, but that they were safe doing it. Most people respected him for what he was doing to make them safe, but others did not. He was threatened by some people many times but was also told what a good job he was doing by others. Just because someone catches you doing wrong it doesn’t mean they are bad people, they are only doing their job. Tell a city, county, state or federal officer when you see them on the street what a good job they are doing because it means a lot to them.

I am so proud of our police, our police department and our local government. I learned the caliber of our officers in Troy over the last several months. They are exceptional officers and professional in every way. We should all be proud of our police department. We have one of the best departments in the country, especially for the size of our city. They are exceptionally trained and equipped because our elected officials want them to be the best, and they are. I learned how compassionate they are and how they have a heart for the people of our city and that they have for many years.

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Many years ago, one of our sons was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. The police officer stopped him and told him he wasn’t pleased with what he had done. Instead of writing him a ticket, the police officer told him he wanted him to tell his dad what he did. And, that he would know if he did or not because he knew his dad. Of course, our son told his dad and my husband told the police how proud he was in how he handled it. With all the hatred for police in the country, our police officers in Troy, Alabama, do all they can to help educate our children, young people and older adults. We are truly blessed to have the caliber of men as police officers here. Pray for our local, county and federal leaders because without them our police would not be what they are. Remember to pray for our police officers every day. They put their lives on the line for me, you, my children, your children, students from all over our great country as well as students from other countries that come to our fair city as students, and all other citizens of this special city of ours, Troy, Alabama.

Parents, remember to pray for your children every day, love them with all your heart, teach them right from wrong, make it your responsibility to know where they are when they are minors and teach them to respect all people in authority because they are there to help them.

Paulette Key