Boozer paints bright economic picture at Brundidge Rotary meeting

Published 3:00 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

By any other name, Young Boozer would be just as popular with the Brundidge Rotarians.

Boozer, the 39th State Treasurer of Alabama, was the program guest of Brundidge Rotarian Lamar Steed Wednesday and spoke to a packed house at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant Wednesday.

“I don’t know of anyone who knows more about state finances than Young Boozer or anyone who is more respected,” Steed said. “He has done great things, financially, for our state. I wish this was not his last term in office.”

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Boozer will “term out” in November 2018 and told the Rotarians there was no state office that was a good fit for him so he chose not to run.

Boozer credited talk show hosts, Jay Leno and Paul Finebaum, for sending his name rather unusual name across the airwaves during his first and successful bid for state treasurer in 2010. He ran unopposed and was reelected for a second term in 2014.

Boozer said his personal and political philosophy has served him well, in life and in the political arena.

“Do the right thing; do it the right way and do it right away,” he said. “When I took office, I told my political staff that was the way we were going to act. And, we have.”

During his terms of office, the state treasurer’s office has had many accomplishments, including working with the state legislature to pass bills that have made improvements to treasury functions and overall state government.

When Boozer took office, he said the PACT plan was a financial “perfect storm.” Today, the program is on solid grains with a most recent payout of 8 percent. He freed up $2 million of the state’s general fund by moving the Treasury’s budge out of the general fund. He implemented changes to the structure and management of the investment of the Alabama Trust Fund that will provide a stable source of revenue to its distribution recipients.

The passage of the ABLE Act is an accomplishment, which Boozer said will encourage and assist individual and families to save funds to support individuals with disabilities to maintain health, independence and quality of life.
Boozer painted a bright economic picture for the state.

“The state is collecting more taxes and the economy is getting good,” he said. “The biggest challenge facing the state is education.”

Boozer predicted Gov. Kay Ivey will win the governor’s race in the fall.

He said good people should run for office because good people can win. Having good people in office will mean good things for Alabama, he said.

In closing, Boozer spoke about the “most fun thing” that he does as state treasurer – Unclaimed Property.

The state is sitting on a small gold mine of unclaimed property with dollar values reaching in the tens of millions.

This unclaimed property includes refunds, closed bank accounts and items that Aunt Millie left behind in safe deposit box.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure that to reunite people with their money,” he said.