PLANTS FOR SALE: Ag students fill greenhouses ahead of fundraiser

Published 4:00 am Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Pike Agriscience Academy at Goshen High School will host its annual Greenhouse Plant Sale from 7:45 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, March 26 through 29.

Two greenhouses are filled to capacity with a large variety of plants priced to sale.

Jamie Rich, Pike Agriscience Academy program facilitator/teacher, said the Agriscience Academy students have done an outstanding job of growing plants from seeds and from cuttings.

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“Last year was our first plant sale and it was very successful,” Rich said. “This year, we have twice as many plants as last year and the students are excited to be able to offer them to the public again.”

Boston ferns were among the most popular plants at last year’s sale and the Agriscience students made sure to keep up with the demand this year.

“One greenhouse is filled with Boston ferns,” Rich said. “We have close to 200 of them and they will sell for $10, which we believe is a good price for full hanging baskets.”

The greenhouse plant sale also has colorful Wandering Jew hanging baskets.

“The Wandering Jew baskets were also very popular last year,” Rich said. “They are colorful, hardy plants that do require a lot of care.”

Begonia baskets of various colors are also ready for sale and, along with the ever-popular geraniums, are expected to be among the first to go because of their porch appeal,.

“Spider plants are always popular and we have them in baskets,” Rich said. “Hanging baskets are in demand for outdoor areas, porches and sunrooms. They are versatile plants and great additions indoors and out.”

The baskets run in price from $5 to $10 depending on the kind of plant and the size.

Last year’s Greenhouse Plant Sale included succulents, which Rich said could be used individually or in arrangements.

“Succulents don’t take a lot of care and they are very reasonably priced,” she said. “Our most popular succulents hen and chicks and jade.”

Lantana and mother-in-law tongue are among familiar plants from “in and around grandma’s house.”

This year’s Ag Academy Greenhouse Plant Sale also includes several vegetable plants – four varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers, basil and bell peppers.

Rich said she is proud of the students for their interest in and commitment to the program.

“Everything was grown by the students,” she said. “They were completely in charge and they did an outstanding job. All proceeds from this week’s sale will go into the Vocational Ag fund to provide hands-on learning experiences for the students.”

Academy students Laken Bush, Anna Yancey and Charitee Childs said they have learned a lot about plants and their care throughout the year.

“We started getting ready for the greenhouse sale in September and we have been working in the greenhouse since,” Laken said. “Some of the plants were grown from seeds and others we grew from cuttings. Either way, you have to make sure they get enough water and sunlight.”

Anna said caring for plants is a day-to-day job and one that she and the other students have shared.

“We all worked in the greenhouses,” she said. “It’s been fun but there is always something to do.”
Plants don’t grow by themselves. They need care to live and to thrive.

“We’ve learned a lot, especially about watering plants,” Charitee said. “The greenhouses have sprinkler systems to we don’t have to water the plants by hand. But, ferns have leaves that let the water drain off so you have to make sure water in getting to the roots. There’s a lot to learn, but it’s fun.”