Campground owner cancels sex fest

Published 9:00 am Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Pike County campground owner poured cold water on a renaissance festival that promised a “weekend of fun-filled debauchery” and “sexual play” by canceling the event when he learned of details planned by the out-of-town organizers.

“That kind of thing isn’t going to happen here,” said Patrick Faircloth, owner of the property at Southern Pillar Campground on County Road 2262.

Faircloth said he and his wife, Laurel, who run the Spring Hill business, did not know what type of events were planned for the Southeast Dark Ages Festival scheduled for March 23-25 until they learned of a flier being circulated in the area last week.

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The fliers promoting the event included information about “sex play” and how “consensual kink” would be monitored during the festival, as well as references to the use of intoxicants during the weekend.

“We were not asked about the flier,” Faircloth said. “We did not find out about it until Friday.”

Faircloth said some of the language on the flier references the use of intoxicants during the weekend.

“When I became aware of it, I immediately said I’m not in support of this,” Faircloth said. “We don’t even allow alcohol. Now, if someone wants to rent it out for a bachelor party or something, we consider that an ‘adult weekend.’ But some of the stuff in their flier could be construed as illegal.”

Faircloth said he and his wife checked with an attorney before notifying organizers Wednesday of the cancellation. Approximately 200 people had been expected to attend, he said.

“If it was a different thing they would have been doing, it would have brought a lot of money to people’s businesses and revenue for the campground, of course, but it doesn’t matter how much revenue was going to be generated; that kind of thing isn’t going to happen here,” Faircloth said.

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas said concerned residents had made him aware of the festival fliers and he contacted the Pike County District Attorney’s Office to check any potential legal concerns.

Efforts to reach the event’s organizers were unsuccessful, and a Facebook page promoting the event had been removed by Wednesday afternoon.

The Southeast Dark Ages Festival is based in Georgia,  the event’s web page indicated.