Pike County residents win awards at annual steer and goat shows

Published 3:00 am Thursday, February 22, 2018

The 2018 Pike County Steer and Heifer Show was held at Cattleman Park Arena Saturday with 10 competitors vying for top honors in their age or weight class.

Show Emcee and Cattlewoman Tammy Powell said this year’s steer and heifer show was one of the best in recent years and one of the most well attended.

“There was no doubt that these young people were dedicated and committed to caring for and their animals,” she said. “They had put a lot of time into making sure they were prepared for the show. They handled themselves extremely well in the ring and took pride in what they had been able to accomplish. They are all to be congratulated.”

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Braxton Jordan showed the Champion Steer and Phenix Griffin showed the Reserve Champion Steer.

Steers were separated into two classes by weight of the calf.

First place awards went to Braxton Jordan, Banks; and Makayla Griffin, New Life Christian. Second place went to Phenix Griffin, Ariton and Wyatt Johnston, Ariton.

Other special awards went to Marilee Hughes for Best Record Book and Best Daily Rate of Gain went to Wyatt Johnston whose calf gained an average of 3.44 pounds daily.

In the Heifer Show, Phenix Griffin showed the Supreme Heifer and Annabelle Wesley showed the Reserve Supreme Heifer.

The heifers were separated by weight into five classes. Taking first place honors were Phenix Griffin, Ariton; Annabelle Wesley, Ariton; Anna Grace Thomas, Goshen; Jack Redmon, Goshen; and Brandon Cuahua, Goshen.

Second place went to Gradyn Wesley, Ariton; Braxton Jordan, Banks; Marilee Hughes, Goshen; and Brandon Cuahua, Goshen. Phenix Griffin also took third place.

In the Pike County Showmanship competition, there were five classes separated by age. The first place winners were Anna Grace Thomas, Goshen; Makalah Griffin, New Life Christian Academy; Annabelle Wesley, Ariton; Braxton Jordan, Banks; and Gradyn Wesley, Ariton.

Taking second place honors were Brandon Cuahua, Goshen; Phenix Griffin, Ariton; Marilee Hughes, Goshen; Wyatt Johnson, Ariton; and Jack Redmon, Goshen.

Prior to the Pike County Steer and Heifer Show, the younger kids participated in the Pike County Goat Show.

Showing the Grand Champion Doe’s were Levi Wesley and Hayden Norman. Addison Richburg showed the Reserve Champion Doe.

MJ Flowers and Isla Flowers showed the Grand Champion Wethers. Reid Godbold and Ryles Godbold showed the Reserve Champion Wethers.

McKinley Wood showed the Grand Champion Billy and Rylie Maples showed the Reserve Champion Billy.

The Champion Female Showmen were Lou Lou Thompson, Jessi Maples and Mary Hollis Drinkard.

Champion Male Showmen were Griffin Webb, Eli Wesley and Preston Hughes.

Reserve Champion Showmen were Aidan Haddan and Brentley Chance.

Costume Contest winners were McKinley Wood, Aidan Haddan and Mary Hollis Drinkard.

Powell said, of note, Mary Hollis Drinkard’s great-grandfather, Robert Drinkard of Brundidge was present for the show. He was a participant in the first steer show 76 years ago. Then it was called the Fat Calf Show.

“We also tried something new this year, Powell said. “We added a Novice Showmanship Class. Any young person ages 11 and under who had never shown a calf were able to lead a calf into the ring, walk the calf around, learn how to set the calf up for the show and talk to the judge.

“This was really a great way to introduce new, potential show kids to a calf and for them to realize that they could actually do this. These novice showmen did a phenomenal job.

Enough kids signed up to make three classes. The novice kids were Mason DuBose, Holli Kate Dubose, MJ Flowers, Peyton Stallings, Maddie Sneed, Layton Jordan, Pierce Gill, Kadee Stallings, Laney Stallings, Mary Margaret Sneed, Abbie Dickert and Cronelius Griffin, Jr.