Brundidge mourns loss of ‘devoted’ resident

Published 3:00 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ralph Waldo Emerson said the purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

Delatha Mobley fulfilled that purpose.

Mobley’s death on Sunday left a void in the hearts of the many who knew her, appreciated her and loved her.

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Few people have lived their lives with such dedication, with such commitment and so unselfishly as Delatha Mobley lived hers, said Dixie Shehane, a longtime friend and colleague.

“Brundidge and Pike County have suffered a deep loss,” Shehane said. “Delatha truly loved Brundidge and she worked every day and in so many ways to make our town a better place. I don’t know of anyone that has been more devoted to Brundidge than Delatha.”

Shehane said Mobley was content to work behind the scenes and without recognition in support of her community and its people.

“Delatha had such a sweet spirit about her,” Shehane said. “She never wanted any recognition for the things she did and much of what she did was never known. She and Lamar Steed were the pilots of the Brundidge Business Association and there were times when we were short of the funds we needed for a project and Delatha would make a donation. No one ever knew and that was the way she wanted it and the only way she would have it.

“She was my mentor and I’m sure she was for others, too. She was a quiet leader. She could give you needed advice and, in such a kind and caring way. She led in an unassuming way. And if there was something you needed to get off your chest, you could tell Delatha and know it was safe with her. She had an ear for listening and a heart for her family, her church, her friends and her town. We have lost a true community servant and a dear, dear friend.”

Brundidge Mayor Isabell Boyd said Mobley was a friend to all.

“I’ve never heard anyone say an unkind thing about Delatha,” Boyd said. “She was my friend and a friend to everybody. Her business was right in the middle of town and, if you wanted someone to talk to or needed someone to talk to, she would put down whatever she was doing and give you her full attention.”

Boyd said Mobley was concerned about Brundidge.

“She wanted Brundidge to be a nice and peaceful place to live,” Boyd said. “She wanted to see it grow and she was willing to do what she could to make that happen. She was willing to serve wherever she was needed, and, if she couldn’t serve, she would help put somebody there. She was a good delegator and nobody could turn Delatha down.

“She wanted to do good for her community and she did more good than we’ll ever know. Delatha had a kind and giving heart and, what she did, she did out of love, not for any kind of recognition. She was a special lady and she will be missed.”

And, no one will miss Mobley more than Nell McLendon a friend of more than 60 years.

McLendon said there are no words to describe what Mobley has meant to her personally, to her family, her church and her community.

“Delatha was one of the strongest kindest, most generous and most giving people I have ever known,” McLendon said. “She loved her Lord and her family with her whole heart. She was devoted to her church and was always in prayer for it and for those she loved and cared about.  And, she loved her town and poured her whole being into any project that she thought would benefit Brundidge.”

McLendon said, as much as Mobley loved, so was she loved.

“Delatha was loved by all of us,” she said. “And she will be miss by all of us.”