Shiver celebrates 90 years of life with family, friends at Colley Complex

Published 9:21 am Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Myra Shiver of the Hamilton Crossroads community celebrated her 90th birthday with her family, her church family and her art class family at the Colley Senior Complex on Monday.

She and her husband, James Shiver, have been married for 72 years and are as happy together as when the pledged their love to each other those many years ago. The Shivers have two children, Greg Shiver and Janet Shiver Benton.

“I have been blessed to have had such a long and wonderful life,” Shiver said. “I have looked forward to celebrating today. It is very special because of all the people that are here.”

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Catherine Jordan, senior complex director, said Shiver has been a dedicated participant at the Colley Senior Complex and its art class.

“We are so excited to celebrate “Miss” Myra’s birthday with her,” Jordan said. “She is a member of the Colley Senior Complex family and we are happy to be with her and her family on this day of celebration.”

Jordan said there are different kinds of families and those that are based on friendship are very special.

“The Colley Senior Complex is a place were people come together in friendship,” she said. “And, I don’t think there is a place where our seniors are more warmly welcomed than here. The complex is an opportunity to participate in activities that you find interesting and with others that have the same interests.”

Shivers’ interest is focused on art and Jordan said there is no better teacher and encourager than complex art teacher, Mary Page.

“Miss Myra has a talent for art and Mary really brings out that talent,” she said. “Miss Myra does beautiful work and she really seems to enjoy it. She looks forward to being here and we look forward to her being here.”

Shiver said she has made many friends at the senior complex and not just those who are in art class. At the senior center, “everyone is family.”

“A lot of friendships are built at the Colley Senior Complex,” Jordan said. “It is said that, if you have just one good friend, you are very lucky. Miss Myra is very blessed because she has many friends, true friends, here at the Colley Senior Complex. And we are all blessed to have her here. We all wish her the happiest of birthdays and days ahead.”