SNOW DAY: Winter storm coats Pike County in snow, ice

Published 7:59 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Storm Inga moved over Pike County overnight Tuesday leaving a blanket of snow and hazardous icy roads.

Interim EMA Director Dean Reeves said residents should continue to stay off the roads if possible as temperatures have not yet risen enough to completely thaw the pavement.

“Roads are still slick,” Reeves said. “Several vehicles stalling out, especially trying to get up hills. Unless people have to be out, we are urging them not to be out until this thaws a little more. If you don’t have to be going anywhere, please stay at home.”

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School administrators and business owners made decisions to close their doors Wednesday due to the deteriorated road conditions and Reeves said the EMA may need to have the same conversation with schools again today as roads could potentially refreeze.

“The snow has moved out, but it may not get above freezing today so roads are going to stay iced over, especially those that are not traveled much,” Reeves said. “They are probably going to refreeze tonight. I think the snow will still be around, but won’t be as prevalent. The concern is whether these roads are going to ice back over again tonight.”

The National Weather Service forecast projects the high today to reach just 31 degrees with windchill temperatures never reaching above 18 degrees. At approximately 8 a.m., the temperature was 20 degrees but felt like 5 degrees with windchill.

Stay tuned to The Messenger as we continue to track this weather event, For a running list of closures, click here.