Board of adjustments tables apartment complex request

Published 3:00 am Friday, December 22, 2017

The Troy Board of Adjustments has tabled whether to allow a 56-unit apartment complex to locate on U.S. Highway 231 near Anderson Road in commercial zoning.

The board did not move to approve the request by Mitchell Davenport, representing Clement and Company, LLC, and Perry Green’s motion to deny the request died for lack of a second.

With no action taken on the issue, the board moved on to other matters.

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But Earl Ellis of Landmark Realty brought the matter back up to the board at the end of the meeting and asked that they reconsider and allow the topic to come back up again at the next meeting with Davenport making some changes to the plan.

“I don’t feel like Mr. Davenport has been given a fair answer to his request,” Ellis said. “I own the land and I’m going to sell it. I think you’re being totally unfair to him and turning down something that would certainly be a big help to Troy on that side of town. We need more rooftops and he’s a proven developer here in Troy.”

Green said he didn’t think the board of adjustments should make a special exception.

“My concern and the reason I made a motion was because I don’t see that a residential property on U.S. 231 is an advantage right in that area and not the intent of C-4 zoning,” Green said. “It just doesn’t comply with the original intent. All those other apartments on the highway have business frontage between them and the development.”

Green said it would be “another case” if the apartment complex were pushed back from the road with commercial frontage on the highway still available.

Davenport said he could look into pushing the complex back from the highway if the board was willing to reconsider.

Melissa Sanders, planning and zoning administrator, said the board could review Davenport’s request again at their next meeting on January 18 because there was no formal denial of his request.

If the board had voted down his request, he would have had to wait another year.

The location of the development is in the 100 block of U.S. Highway 231.

Davenport said Anderson Road would only be a secondary entrance and exit if required by the board and that highway access is preferable.

Green commented that the section of Anderson Road near where the complex would be located is not wide enough without modification to serve as a safe entry and exit point.

The board also approved for two residents to construct privacy fences at their residences.

The board will meet again on January 18 at 4 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.